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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Tereshinski: 'We are attacking where we've been weak'

Last week I had a chance to sit down with Joe Tereshinski, the newly-elevated strength and conditioning coordinator for the Georgia football team. The story is now posted at, and here's an excerpt:

“So I do see where we were getting beat. I do see where our weaknesses are,” he said. “And so that’s what we are attacking. We are attacking where we’ve been weak.”

So what does all that “attacking” entail? Tereshinski doesn’t want to get too specific because he wants to keep the training habits in-house. After his first workouts in January, players started tweeting about how strenuous the workouts were. Backup quarterback Hutson Mason tweeted, “I call this a good hire! Hard work aint enough!”

But Tereshinski told the players to cut out the tweeting. He also scoffed at the players reacting to how tough the first few workouts were.

“That’s how it’s supposed to be,” he said.

At first I was told Tereshinski would only have 20 minutes, but it turned to a bit more as he got going. The man loves to talk about his craft, and is obviously excited about the job.

“When (Mark Richt) asked me to go into strength and conditioning, that’s where my passion is," Tereshinski said, in a quote that didn't make my story. "I love working with young men.”

There was one other thing that couldn't make it into my story that I wanted to pass along. Tereshinski says one factor that hasn’t gotten much notice is that because of construction, the team has been moved to a different weight room, and for the previous 18 months had been largely operating out of trailers. They didn’t have much room for equipment: No dip bars, no incline presses, and some other machines.

“Last year’s team was very limited, really because of the facility, of what they could get done," he said. "So we were very weak in our triceps. We were very weak in our upper chests. So what happens is now that we have our full weight room capacities we’re really going to be able to develop our bodies fully. ...

“That did affect this team. Because Georgia did not have anything that it was used to having. Now we have an unbelievable weight room, and we have everything we need.”


Anonymous said...


Great stuff. Makes sense now, no wonder the players wern't as well conditioned, they were working out of trailers without proper equipment.

Alan said...

What's the status of the Butts-Mehre construction? I'd love an update/pictures/etc...

Spence said...

That man makes my heart flutter

AaronGreen said...

Wow a simple thing like that could answer a lot of questions! Sometimes we look for the complicated answer when something so simple can be causing the problem.

When will this construction be done?

TrboDawg said...

Great article Seth, My hope is that he is as 'no nonsense' in the weight room as he is in the interview room AND that the players buy into it. There's only so much outside motivation one can absorb - change comes from within - My favorite quote from the story?

“We are not Olympic training anymore,” Tereshinski said. “We are training for football.”

Anonymous said...

Thank goodness its back to basics and hard work. Music to my ears! Nothing beats old skool. Glad he is cutting out the tweeting as well. Dawgs need to be quiet, shut the F up, work hard and play smash mouth football. Its time to get serious because other teams in the SEC are moving past UGA. Go Dawgs!

MT said...

If that's the case, makes me wonder why the football players couldn't jog over to the Steg training facility in the new addition and workout there.

Anonymous said...

MT...The stegosaurus was off limits during the summer and fall while they were putting lipstick on it.

GreenDawg said...

The Coliseum Training Facility was not off limits, though. Not to mention theres a big ole place called Ramsey where they could work on the triceps and upper chests if they really wanted to.

Anonymous said... jack wagon the whole area of the Coliseum was a Hard Hat area. Trust me it was closed off to a lot of traffic. Mark Richt rather had his team swimming and cosmic bowling anyway.

dawgjammin said...

I agree the ramsey center is one of the best on campus exercise/athletic centers in the country and get this, it has hours where it is closed. They coulda shoulda taken the team into the facility if they needed it. I used to work there. No one came in until after 8-9am anyway.

CSA said...

Posts such as these are the reason I visit the blog daily, Seth. Thanks for the info.

Joeski said...

Really? Go to Ramsey? You're joking, right?

Has that place changed from the meat market it was when I was in school? Has it gotten less crowded at all the machines? Have they increased the weight-room equipment to include all the different football-specific machines? Did the administration at UGA agree to close the weight room off to the students while the players were lifting, so they wouldn't be distracted by hundreds of boneheads seeking autographs or whatever?

This is the exact reason why you guys need to stop being back-seat coaches. Are you really so egotistical as to think that you're smarter than the coaches who have been doing it for years, and that they didn't at least consider the possibility of training there???

I'm sure they explored all the options, and seriously, no offense? But think things through before you post. It makes you look like a smart and savvy fan.

Joeski said...

Oh, and dawgjammin, not to single you out, but totally laying aside the fact that athletes are forced by class schedules to work out when they can, do you really think Ramsey would be deserted at 8-9 am if (when) it became known that the football team was working out there?

Anonymous said...

Let's forgo the coulda woulda shoulda and focus on a new beginning. WE - they can't change the past but we sure as hell can move to the future.

Anonymous said...


I used to see Danny Ware at Ramsey every night. No one bothered him. But, based on your post, it seems that you know everything.

Welcome to Blueland said...

Frankly, I'll believe it when I see the results on the field. Seth, you wouldn't know this, but every offseason for the past three years the players have talked about how they're working harder than ever and THIS YEAR they promise they will be in top condition when fall practive starts. They have usually added that LAST YEAR maybe a few players took it a bit too easy, but that's all over NOW. Every year for the past three years.

Also, I don't think it was wise for T2 to bring up the elephant in the room just before signing day. Not saying it isn't a topic worth addressing by the staff, just now now.


William said...

"No Pain, No Gain" can have its consequences ...

Joeski said...


No, I don't know everything. For example, I'm sure that professional football coaches know a hell of a lot more than me... which seems to be a different attitude than most people here

And do you really think that a single football player working out would attract the same attention as the entire team working out? Or are you just making a facile argument?

Do you really think that by addressing a single part of my argument, you're proving anything?
What about the other considerations I raised? Are they not important?

Now how about you nut up and actually put a name next to your comments?

Tallahassee said...

Time to nut up or shut up Anon

Anonymous said...

Call someone a pr ? And, he spelled it out Seth Emerson. Still sits there.

Talk about drinking bodily fluids ?

Is this blog about football, like 1 can only discuss the topic you choose for the day ?

Personal attacks are fine but response on the topic is not ?

I hardly think a coach on the coaching staff who quit the program over issues he has with Mike Bobo as OC is an example of a great Mark Richt coaching staff member. Is that really what you said before announcing you would not post for 6 months ?

No wonder you have an issue with my opinion.

Mitchell Moore and Sanders are not Strong Safeties, and they are not Free Safeties.

I came in 2nd in the Bowl Pool, nationally.

Corey Moore at 6’ 1” 185 lbs. is listed as a Safety at with 4.5 speed; that is not good speed for what you say is a big Safety at 185 lbs. lists him at # 8 at Safety.

Chris Sanders at 6’ 0” and 173 lbs. is listed at as a Safety # 20 Safety in the nation, no doubt because of his SIZE because he has 4.4 speed. Rivals lists him at 176 lbs. Rivals does not list Chris Sanders as a Safety either, in fact, they list him as an ATHLETE, not even a defensive back. But, according to you, he is 1 of the 3 cornerbacks who is going to play Strong Safety or Free Safety in The SEC and make Mark Richt’s defense great next season after they could not stop a pass all season long, nor could stop the run, with no pressure on opposing quarterbacks and no tackling. Now, a 173 or 176 lbs high school player is going to play Strong Safety or Free Safety in The SEC, according to you, while Rivals doesn’t even consider him a defensive back at all because of his SIZE.

Fullback ?

Tailbacks ?

OL who can play 2011 with his job on the line and no OL last year and no OL coach this season.

LB in 3-4 still you haven’t listed who we lost from this 2010 team at LB and who their replacements are in 3-4 for next season. We might not have stood out at LB last year, but we lost them from the team, after the season including arrests causing them to leave too. But, you can’t bring yourself to discuss that in fashion.

WR to replace those lost ?

Why 5 TE on Scholarship with all these needs ?

NG ?

Strong Safety we have had 1 of in years ?

Free Safety we haven’t had 1 of in years ?

All these holes.

Quintavious Cootie Harrow out of Carver HS is listed as a Safety. Why did you not list him before quitting for Six (6) Months (July 26, 2011.) At 5’ 10” 180 lbs with 4.46 speed, he has neither the speed nor height nor size to play Safety in The SEC. He also struggles with grades. But, again you do not list him at Safety. does. lists him at # 135 at Safety, meaning they believe there are 134 better Safeties nationally. Yeah, right, Mark Richt did not spend a precious Scholarship on Cootie in an attempt to get a Tailback, like he spend 1 on Zander Ogletree last year, which has not by the way worked out either.

Talking about Number of Stars means nothing; what is important is where they rank at their position nationally and then your OVERALL NEEDS as a team, that that high ranking at their position fits your specific needs when your job is on the line, going 2 wins 10 losses vs teams finishing in the Top 25 over the entire last 3 years.

Malcolm Mitchell is listed as a Cornerback at at 6’ 1” Rivals reports him at 187 lbs.

Not a Safety.

We have recruited our TE # 5 on Scholarship and have recruited 5 Cornerbacks.

We have holes, sorry you cannot bring yourself to discuss it with your lies. How did you do on your bowl picks ? I was, by the way, right about every 6-6 team losing their bowl game leaving Mark Richt with only wins over 6 teams ALL WITH LOSING RECORDS.

King Jericho said...


Ramsey added a whole new weight training area recently (I believe it was open last summer) that could have been off limits for morning workouts. Given the amount of people I saw in there for early morning workouts, one room would be plenty for normal patrons.

As far as idiots going after their autographs, these kids go to class with "regular" students. It's not like they're celebrities that travel through special tunnels and are in special desks away from other students. Sure seeing a star football player is cool, but no one freaks out around campus about it.

Perhaps this is a reason for the shakeup? That sounds pretty stupid that they were working with limited equipment for their training during the offseason. Something SHOULD have been done, but the past is the past. Let's see what Coach T can do.

Anonymous said...

We seriously have a guy on here saying "Go Thrashers!"? Seriously. I love hockey (no better live sport) and I was a big Flames fan as a kid and love it when the Thrashers came here....but that franchise is the biggest joke in the NHL. How many playoff wins do they have in 9 years? They certainly are more competitive but talking about always saying "this will be the year..." this is the epitome of it. Gooid luck to you sir, but until another owner that wants to WIN buys the team, you are wasting your time.

Anonymous said...

User tip - avoid reading extra long posts on here. I wish I could sue to get that wasted minute of my life back.

Anonymous said...

Yeah yeah... like one poster said I will believe it when I see it. Every year in the off season they claim the whole team is much more focused and has worked much much harder. Even Coach Richt said the same crap last year and the year before and the year before. Its the same ole same ole and the same results bear out on the football field. See Florida game. UGA will either lose or struggle to somebody that they should have no problem with as well. Its really time for people to wake up and demand real change.

Anonymous said...

I have to agree. Uga has had more players arrested,more players out of shape and more losses. Not to mention a former drunken and whoring AD. The # 1 party school needs a real culture shock in Athens to get back on track.

Anonymous said...

That is un-freaking-believable. What kind of amateur operation were we running over there? I would love to hear McGarity's thoughts on having your weight room in trailers (even if it's only temporary).

I understand that we were renovating but there has to be a better alternative than that. That's horrible.

Anonymous said...

Great story Seth. Games are won and lost on the line of scrimmage, this will surely help.

Otto said...

My question after reading this was what kind of coaches are leading the program to allow a team with the budget UGA has to fall behind on S&C due to facilities especially after coming off a disappointing year?

I'm with other that big promises are made each year, like CMR would be in team meeting with the QBs and OC, and yet the program does not seem to change. I will believe in it when I see it.

Further S&C can improve and UGA still be behind Bama, UF, LSU, and Auburn. UGA has the budget and in state talent base to go heads up with programs more years than not.

Muckbeast said...

Man, I miss the Ramsey Center.

I was in the best shape of my life when I had access to that facility.

You'd see football players there pretty often and nobody mauled them. Granted, when I was in law school our team kinda sucked. 1995-1998.

Joeski said...

Thanks for the update, King Jericho; when I went to school, Ramsey had just opened.

I guess it could work, but still, I remain leery of the idea that the team, working together, wouldn't draw a least a small crowd of onlookers, which would be distracting at least, even if they didn't/weren't allowed to interact directly with the Athletes.

But of course, I'm not an expert... like I said. That, in fact, was the entire point of my post: no one posting here is an expert, and we have to trust that our coaches are competent enough to explore all the reasonable options. It's not like the renovation just happened one day and the football team was like "aw, gee. I guess we can't work out."

They planned for it, and did the best they could within the constraints placed on them; for someone to post to a blog with the attitude of "I know better than professionals who have been doing it for 20+ years each" is just arrogant and ignorant to the point of being patently offensive, regardless of how smart that person may be in real life.

Before Anonymous BuLLdawg claims that I'm trying to say that the coaches are infallible, I absolutely am not. They can make mistakes just like anyone, but the truth is, their experience and their training make it much less likely that they will make a mistake than the schmoes posting here (including me).

Anonymous said...

dear Jackleg, er buLLdOaWg,

kids change positions all the time.

I would guess, SOME of those cornerbacks will become safeties. That may be the most common switch in all of football. And, as a bonus, when a corner becomes a safety, you USUALLY get better cover skills from your safeties.

Just because rivals says a kid is a certain position, does not mean he will play that in college.

Remember Jevon Kearse, the freak DE who played for the Gators?

I have an old recruiting guide listing him as a bluechip, wait for it......WIDE RECEIVER.

Go help your mom clean the upstairs and relax a little.

Anonymous said...

As a student at uga I've definitely seen evidence of an increase in the intensity of the workouts. You hear snippets from the players about Coach T "bustin' our asses" and players close to passing out from running.

Anonymous said...

Yeah everyone, listen to Joeski! Don't ever question what this staff does...ever! They know what's best and you don't!

Anonymous said...

Operating out of trailers? No wonder we're 7th in spending in the SEC.

Joeski said...

Good lord, are you that dumb to go along with being that much of a coward, Anonymous?

I specifically said that the coaches are not infallible.

But to claim they're not applying their knowledge and experience without even a shred of evidence to back your position?

Okay, why don't you go and tell the CEO of your company that he doesn't know what he's doing. Let's see how well that goes over.

Oh, wait, I'm sorry, you're probably just another student who has zero experience in the real world, but is egotistical enough to think that your ill-formed opinion has any merit whatsoever.

I've said it before, and I'll say it again: 'fans' like you are a disgrace to the Bulldog Nation. Grow up or go root for a different team. Your schtick makes the rational fans look bad.

Paul said...

I could be wrong but my guess is that Richt and the other coaches were not to happy about not having all the workout equipment and probably brought this up more than once to Evans but couldn't say anything about it publicly because of the damage it could do with recruiting. Now that the situation is fixed with the weight room and Evans is gone it is possible to bring it up without hurting recruiting because it is no longer an issue and if a recruit brings up well UGA was on the cheap Richt can pin it all back on Evans (in private) and there is no harm done to recruiting. Now that does not mean that we haven't heard some of the statements about this off season being different each of the last couple years. This season is put up or shut up season.

Anonymous said...


The evidence is operating the weight room out of trailers.