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Monday, January 3, 2011

Mailbag: You ask politely (sometimes), I answer politely (sometimes)

I couldn’t get to every question, so my apologies for that. A lot of them were similar, so I tried to pick out the one that best encapsulated it, or said the nicest thing about me.

Here you go:

Why did we not ask for a measurement on the 4th and inches before we rushed the FG team on? We've done this earlier where Murray scored on a run and we tried to kick a FG but they stopped us just before the snap to review the play. I'm a fan of the hurry up offense, but not the hurry up field goal kicking. If Richt ever wondered why folks berate him with the name Field Goal Jesus, there's 2 examples.
- Anonymous

There’s bad clock management everywhere. But the decision to go for the field goal against Central Florida – while on the game’s first drive – has deservedly received a good deal of criticism. It’s become the flashpoint of a good deal of the anger at Richt, and just in the context of losing the game, I understand why. It’s a bowl, you’re playing a Conference USA opponent – why not go for it?

Watching this team from across the country on TV, I get the feeling they have an unearned swagger about them. To me they seem to go into every game expecting to win based on the name on their jersey, and not the effort they put forward. Am I completely off with this view? I think these guys (the defensive backs especially) need to be knocked down a few pegs.
- Travis

No, I don’t think you’re off. When I first arrived here in August, I thought the attitude around the team was admirable, in a professional, Atlanta Braves way that said: “We’re Georgia, we’re used to winning, and we don’t need bells and whistles and rah-rah stuff.” Well, this team isn’t used to winning much anymore. They now need that – excuse the clichĂ©’ – chip on their shoulder.

If you were at UGA Seth, and could make a change, what would it be? Where would you devote your focus? If you were the COACH, what would you do differently?
If it’s National Champs or bust every year, why isn’t every coach besides the champions fired?
- DawgStephen Himself

Not sure how serious you’re being with the latter statement. But look, if you’re Michael Adams and Greg McGarity, here’s what you have to be thinking on Jan. 3:

Take emotion out of it, and will this program be better off with a new coach in 2011? And if you were to make a change, who would you hire, and how would they be better than Mark Richt? Would Kirby Smart win more games next year (and in the following years)? Would you risk hiring Mike Leach, when Maryland would not? In short, if not Richt, then who, and does that make the program better?

Clemson fired their offensive guy Billy Napier. They seem committed to get it right over there. Is Richt totaly against making anymore changes within his staff ?
- Anonymous

From the looks of it, yeah. Any outright firings would have happened by now, I suspect. That’s not to say someone could leave if they get offered another job. There have been a lot of rumors, but only that.

Hypothetically if Bobo was fired, would we give Friedgren a look? Is even a logical choice, or is his name just being thrown around because he's been in the news?
- Mike

Friedgen still has a house near Lake Oconoee (or possibly right on it, I can’t remember), so he’d probably love it. But there’s got to be an opening, and right now there isn’t. It’s also debatable whether there should be. I’m not sure replacing Bobo suddenly fixes all the ills of this program, and as I’ve said many times before, you can’t argue with his coaching of the quarterbacks at Georgia during the past 10 years.

On defense, whatever happened to talk of installing "Exotic blitzes out of the 3-4"? Our LB and Safety blitzes have been overly telegraphed and we never back out of them once QBs spot the blitzer. How about "faking" a safety blitz and then just playing straight once in a while? Or not telegraphing so much by the 11th game of the year?
- Lev

I haven’t spoken to Todd Grantham about this, but I know what his answer would be: the players were still getting used to the system, and they were trying not to throw too much at them in the first year.

First off, how important for Richt's career is the signing of the big recruits such as (Isaiah) Crowell, (Ray) Drew, or (John) Jenkins? … Lastly, any news on the guys who gave their name to the NFL? With the exception of Green, do you think we have a good shot to get the rest back?
- DawgInVA25

I’ve written before I think the next month in recruiting is very critical to Richt, perhaps the most vital in his tenure at Georgia. The above three you listed all would contribute right away.

Plus, Richt could use a few recruiting wins to provide hope to the fans that are so down on the program right now.

Is it true that you've been laying waste all over town with UGA coeds? Also, I'd like to hear your take on the recent Florida hirings.
- Anonymous

To answer your first question, I’m 34, so if I were doing that, I’d also be showing up in the arrest docket. As for Florida, I thought Will Muschamp could be considered a reach for a place like Florida, but he’s certainly surrounding himself with experienced men. He has now reached to the NFL for both his coordinators, and the hiring of Charlie Weis is quite a coup.

I saw an interview with Corey Moore on rivals and he said he knew of some guys committing but could not say who. Do you happen to know who he's referring to? ... Also, what kind of attitude do you expect from next season's leaders and who should we expect them to be?
- Zach

On the first question, he’s clearly speaking about … No just kidding. If I knew that, it wouldn’t be buried this far down in a mailbag. As for next year’s leaders, I think I’ve listed them before, but off the top of my head, on offense look for it to be Aaron Murray and the tight ends, and on defense it would likely be Brandon Boykin (if he comes back), Bacarri Rambo, Jarvis Jones and Richard Samuel. Jones in particular was singled out by Grantham for his leadership, despite not playing this year.

Do you see any changes in the offensive staff? Not necessarily mass firings but a potential shakeup? I have seen our RB's woefully underperform so wondering if a former WR like McLendon is really up to this task? ... Also favorite dish in Athens? Mine is the mac & cheese at 5 star day.
- Josh

One thing people need to remember about McClendon: He’s Crowell’s main recruiter.

I haven’t gone to Weaver D’s nearly enough. I’m also a big fan of Tapas, and there’s a few good spots for that in town: Pauley’s, Speakeasy, and that place next to the Fox Theater, whose name I’m forgetting right now. But whatever its name, it has really good stuff, and I really hope they comp me next time, along with all the other places I just named.

With Joe T heading up the new S&C program, it looks like there will be much harder work in the weight room and training facilities. Besides the obvious help to the OL, who do you think is going to benefit the most? I think C Washington could take on the JH role if he got stronger and more aggressive, getting DeAngelo Tyson bigger would be huge, and of course more physical secondary would make a big difference.
- Kevin

I would guess that, since Richt felt a change was necessary, this will be a team-wide emphasis. But the players you listed, yes it would be huge if they got, well, huge. Georgia did not win the scrimmage battles on either side of the ball this year, so the line will be a big focus of Tereshinski and the other guys he’s bringing in. (John Kasay Sr. and Thomas Brown, apparently, are among them.)

Since our OL can't block why don't we use more two TE sets to confuse defenses and put extra blockers on field?
- Andrew Hamilton

I’m not sure that’s the answer. They did move Bruce Figgins to fullback to help the blocking, but they need to use those tight ends for their pass-catching ability. The solution, as simplistic as it sounds, is just to get the O-Line to block better.

I'm staying near DuPont Circle tonight and jonesing for some clam chowder - suggestions?

Never had clam chowder in D.C., from what I can remember. But really, you can’t go wrong eating in many joins in DuPont Circle. That area is heavily populated by people who, um, tend to make good cooks.

Do they make Prozac chewing gum?
- Anonymous

If they do, they could make a killing on it over at the Butts-Mehre Building right now.


Peter said...

Seth, I was reading Verron Haynes' twitter feed, any news on if he is coming in to help the S & C as well?

Anonymous said...

Taking a break from the blog/UGA sports until Saturday. Need to get away from it and lower my BP. That being said, Seth, can any of the basketball games be "flexed" to bigger networks (read: Saturday vs. UK)?

Seth Emerson said...

Not sure about that. But Saturday's will remain an SEC Network game, I know that.

Andy Coleman said...

With all the absurd amounts of money being given to coordinators in the SEC, do you think the Dawgs would pony up and pay a Mike Leach type coordinator enough to bring a dynamic offense to Athens?

Anonymous said...

"you can’t argue with his coaching of the quarterbacks at Georgia during the past 10 years."

Yes we can.

Green did it himself, not with Bobo's coaching.
DJ was a different type of quaterback.
Joe T was a good dawg but never should have been a quarterback.

Stafford looked so bored throwing another end zone fade for an incomplete/interception, he ran off to the NFL. Lets see if he stays healthy.

Joe Cox, what else is there to say.

Our current quarterback is a question mark. He may regress and become a complete loss, the jury is out. When you lose to every good team you play, and win against the bad teams, it does not really mean you are a good quarterback.

So, his record as a quarterback coach is not as good as some people would pretend it is. For grins, go look at the team rosters for the last 8 years and see that we really had about three times the number of quarterbacks on the roster. Most of them you never heard of. Most people do not know them as they only pay attendion to the starting quarteracks.

<--- Dawg Stephen Himself said...

I was being sarcastic with the "NC or bust" comment. Some people think that if we arent undefeated for a record 10 yrs in a row, then someone failed..thats all I was gettin at...ohh and those people who think that are always named "Anonymous"

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Bobo is not my favorite, but if we had a credible run threat the play action pass offense with aj and murray might have made him look like a genius and the o line like it could block. BUT with no credible run threat staying with a play action pass offense makes Bobo look stupid or insane.

GingerDawg said...

Sorry different topic here but just heard rumor that Uga VIII has lymphoma. Seth, have you heard anything?

Kathleen said...

If you like tapas, have you visited Casa Mia yet? Another good place downtown. Since you're from the mid-Atlantic region, have you tried Mezze in Baltimore? Everytime I travel to the northeast on business, I usually meet up with a fellow Georgia alum there. Great place!

SRQDawgs15 said...

I saw the interview with Corey Moore too and did he say AJ was coming back bc the recruiting class? I find that hard to believe and didn't see it mentioned anywhere else....any thoughts?

Mike said...

Bobo to Q.B. coach Fridgen to O.C. Garner gone, Grantham to coach D-line. Belin to handle all the linebackers. With Coach T at S&C and Van H at fatherly policeman, we may be okay with Richt still at the helm.We gotta do something major, not just a re-evaluation and re-commitment again! More lame-ass politicized excuses will not fly anymore!!!!

Anonymous said...

Thomas Brown, as in the RB from like 2005-6-7?

Anonymous said...

Does dawgstephen really think that CMR's crictics epext a NC or a 10 win season every year? I think Mr. dawgstephen is the epitome of a kool aid drinker.

Doug said...

Richt can't afford to have a rebuilding year on offense because of a new coordinator. He missed his opportunity to ditch Bobo last year, and now we are stuck with one more year of him.

BuLLdawg said...


"I’ve written before I think the next month in recruiting is very critical to Richt, perhaps the most vital in his tenure at Georgia."

"Plus, Richt could use a few recruiting wins to provide hope to the fans that are so down on the program right now."

"I thought Will Muschamp could be considered a reach for a place like Florida, but he’s certainly surrounding himself with experienced men. He has now reached to the NFL for both his coordinators, and the hiring of Charlie Weis is quite a coup."

So, there we have it. Mark Richt never doing what the other programs do surrounding himself with great coaching staff, and instead of recruiting great players for all these holes on this team, TALKING instead about a "DREAM TEAM" in recruiting.

What a crock.

“DREAM TEAM” is a 1989 movie with Christopher Lloyd, Michael Keaton, Peter Boyle, and Lorraine Bracco where mental patients are kept in a prison because of their bizarre behavior and persuade the administration to take them to a ballgame.

Unfortunately, the administrator responsible for them, is unable to control them and they run around the big city without any discipline. The crazies bring havoc on the city, and do nothing in the ballgame, as the administrator is no where to be found, charged with controlling them.

The ballgame starts at 10:30 a.m. obviously a parody of The University of Georgia’s Michael F. Adam$ not allowing any tailgating by opening up for ballgames just prior to the ballgames beginning.

One of the “DREAM TEAM” has anger problems (Michael Keaton) and is always beating people up.

Another believes he is Jesus Christ (Peter Boyle) making statements to everyone about his walk with Jesus and how well he sleeps at night because he is doing it the right way, while his team is 12-14 in years 9 and 10.

A third is a control freak (another lampoon takeoff spoof of Michael F. Adam$) played by Christopher Lloyd. Throughout the “DREAM TEAM” he believes he is a Doctor, walking around with a clip board and wiping surfaces with a glove and shaking his head that nothing is clean – but, not doing anything to correct any issues as glaring as the main issues are.

As the van taking them to the ballgame leaves the prison hospital for the mentally insane, they pass a portable STOP sign, then enter the public roadway where every vehicle is held up – just watching – in both directions. Obviously, the police were forewarned that the “DREAM TEAM” was hitting the roadways.

The “DREAM TEAM” is a satire making fun of The Georgia Bulldogs’ Football team whose actual “DREAM TEAM” is not a distortion of this move from 1989 the “DREAM TEAM” clearly a spoof on our Bulldogs’ Football Players, the coach, Jesus Christ, and Michael F. Adam$.

The plot is about crooked cops out to get the “DREAM TEAM” from the time they get to the city to get to the ballgame, where they witness a murder committed by the crooked cops – so the Police are out to get them.

How appropriate that our Jesus Christ would name his efforts to do something about the obvious lack of talent around here all delusional about their abilities, “DREAM TEAM.”

How Apropos.

Otto said...

Friedgen? Why would you hire a coach to win in the SEC when he couldn't in the ACC?

Smart? He has no HC experience. UGA is not a LEARNING job. UGA has a HC and OC now that learned on the job.

Leach, interesting but ESPN has turned on him which I would not under estimate how much of a hill that could be to climb.

Mullen knows how to win in the SEC. MSU could have won the East this past year. I like that he is a bit cocky. He also needed changes at DC which he made swiftly with results not years to late.

UGA has hired nice guy coaches that "take the high road" in interview and the mentality has shown on the field since Goff. UF has won titles with cocky coaches. I'm not saying go that cocky but UGA needs fire and to stand their ground outside of the negotiating table.

Recruiting is not vital. CMR will likely win and stay for a few more years or be gone this time next year.

Anonymous said...

Anon. 9:20- I think your post pretty much sums up how I've felt about the offense this year. And on that, I feel like an Isaiah Crowell could make all the difference. Look what Marcus Lattimore did for USC- made Stephen Garcia look like a top draft pick.

Otto said...

If Moreno was redshirted and Ealey took time to start why would Crowell be a quick impact? From reports he has not had to pass block much in HS and we know how important that is to Bobo.

Paul said...

Otto, ESPN has turned on Leach because he has his former employer and Craig James by the gonads and won't let go. Everyone knows if Leach can get his case heard in court he wins massively and everyone else, including ESPN, loses and loses big. If the pirate is willing to come to Athens for a few years as OC I am all for it. The culture shock alone would be worth it. I bet our guys would at least play with a little fire in their belly. Seen that lately? I haven't.

Anonymous said...

I hate to interrupt all the sadness, but UGA basketball actually has *KIND OF* a big ass game Saturday.

TrboDawg said...

Hey! I Prozac transdermal cream, chewing gum would be no problem...

rxdawg79 said...

When did the Fox Theater move to Athens?

Try the chicken pot pie @ 5 Star Day.