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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Strickland not returning

Just to update a post from last week, reserve offensive lineman Tanner Strickland has confirmed that he will not be returning to the football team next year.

The news was not out of the blue. Strickland, a redshirt junior, had battled shoulder injuries, sitting out the entire 2009 season after surgery.

He did play in all 13 games this year, including three starts at guard. But he's graduated, so he's going to move on with his life.

“I’ve had troubles with my shoulder, and this past couple of years have been tough,” Strickland said. “And I just decided to move on from football.”

Now that Cordy Glenn has announced his return, Georgia is better prepared to handle Strickland's absence.


Anonymous said...

Good Luck to Tanner. Sad he could never get over those injuries

Anonymous said...

I know we are all hardcore Dawg fans that come here but I cannot comprehend a player leaving on his own while he could still play at Ga for one more year.

I could only imagine stepping onto the field at Sanford Stadium as a player just once. I can't believe someone would give up the opportunity to do just that.

Yet not everyone is as hardcore of a Dawg fan. For him it must not of been that big of a deal. Guess he will move on with his life.

Anonymous said...

Haha I would pay good money for you to say that to his face.

Tommy said...

A reserve on the OL could not be very good....the OL was HORRIBLE last year to say the least....he may have been told that he would not see much PT or something.....if he doesnt want to be there...we dont need him....I would like to see more of this...would love to have a team full of die hard Ga guys that grew up loving the Dawgs and appreciate every time they run out of that the previous poster said...what I would give to do it just ONCE!

Regular Guy said...

Geez Guys,

I'm surprised at the attitude towards Tanner. We have no idea what his situation is. He knows he's not gonna have a shot at the NFL, and maybe he has a great job offer right now that wouldn't be guaranteed to be there next year. I understand the sentiment of what you wouldn't give to just play for the Dawgs one time, but Tanner's decision doesn't necessarily mean he doesn't love the team or university. It just means he's moving on to the next phase of his life, and I don't think he should have his desire/loyalty challenged as a result.

David said...

Wonder if he got "Sabaned" by Richt. Gotta make way for the extra signees in this coming class.

opsomath said...

Some of y'all suck.

I was a wrestler, not a football player. However, I get some idea of the wear and tear playing varsity college football puts on your body. For an OL, they pretty much constantly have pain in their knees and shoulders. For a guy who won't make it in the pros, he's probably had a great experience but maybe wants to be able to pick up his kids one day without a damn back brace.

Best of luck to Mr. Strickland, and congrats on graduation.

Anonymous said...

Seriously, have you people ever taken a down on any football team? At some point it's not worth it any more if you don't have a future in it. Strickland fought in the trenches like a DGD and we should send him off with our gratitude, not ill-informed judgment. Go Dawgs!

Anonymous said...

Well just another bust. Seems like thats all Georgia is getting lately. Well heres to 2012 because 2011 is gonna be a bust as well.

Seth Emerson said...

OK, I never do this, but I'm gonna lock comments on this post. The guy has graduated and just wants to move on with his life.