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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

McGarity speaks to SEC about calls in UGA-Tennessee game

Georgia athletics director Greg McGarity said Wednesday that he has forwarded concerns to the SEC over several calls in Tuesday night’s men’s basketball game against Tennessee.

McGarity said he was following a standard practice with the SEC, which isn’t meant as an official protest, but to allow the league to know of a school’s concerns.

“I can’t really point towards one thing,” McGarity said when asked what specific calls he included in his message. “You have several things that you may bring to the their attention. The SEC reviews it, and it’s dealt with internally.”

This was the first time this season McGarity has forwarded concerns to the SEC office. He added that he wasn’t aware if head coach Mark Fox had done so after previous games.

Two non-calls by the officiating crew proved critical in Tennessee’s 59-57 victory:

- The game-winning basket, by Brian Williams, came after Williams reached over Georgia’s Chris Barnes for the rebound. Williams told reporters afterwards he was “surprised” a foul wasn’t called.

- A few minutes earlier, the shot clock appeared to run out before Tennessee got up a shot that tied the game at 57.

McGarity did not think any malfunction with the system at Stegeman Coliseum could be attributed to the officials not seeing the shot clock expire.

“One could argue the horn could have been louder,” he said. “But as loud as it gets in that arena … There were no arena deficiencies that aided in that decision.”


Anonymous said...

Wait, what?

Anonymous said...

So are we gonna get a "Oops sorry, our bad." from the SEC office?

What a joke this league's officials have become.

Seth Emerson said...

OK, that time I did delete the BuLLDawg post. Feel free to post it on the Searels thread, but this is news on basketball.

Rick said...

Seth to the rescue!

There was one referee in particular that I swear was against Georgia. I don't know his name but I wanted to throw my $5 french fries at him.

He refused to call fouls on Tennessee all night. And he was the one in the best position to make the shot clock violation call AND the last play over the back call. Surprise Surprise that he didn't blow the whistle. I hate that guy.

Anonymous said...

Seth can you confirm this?

Anonymous said...

McGarity is a theorist. He don't get any action done. He should join a think tank somewhere. Remember the whole AJ Green 4 game suspension and how McGarity "protested" that? Alabama got Darius' 4 game reduced to 2, McGairty didn't get jack done, and UGA started out 1-4 thanks to these "thinker".

GreenDawg said...

@Anon 7:30

The enormity of your evidence that McGarity is a bad AD is extremely convincing. Let me guess, you're a lawyer? Maybe a politician?

You base your opinion solely on one decision by the extremely erratic NCAA?

Anonymous said...

Name all of the positive actions McGarity did that helped Richt in 2010. Not in 2011 or 2013, 2010.

I am sure it's a long, long list.

Anonymous said...

Lets face it folks our guys were a little lazy when it came to rebounds last night They stood around and watched the Vols grab every rebound and loose ball. . Mark Foxed was out foxed by an assistant coach at home. Lets Quit blaming the refs and man up.

Anonymous said...

@Anon 9:53

If the refs do their jobs, despite our lackluster play, we win that game by 4.

Shot clock violation takes away 2 TN points and over the back call takes away 2 TN points.

Word verification is "whoargan" which I find hilarious!

Anonymous said...

It all comes down to this, the only thing that matters: GATORS !!!

Anonymous said...

THANK YOU SETH FOR DELETING BULLDAWGS POST ON THIS STRING!!! I'm in agreement - force him to post his nonsense on a blog post that is actually applicable. Posting it on a basketball entry is just spamming up this place, AJC style.

Anonymous said...

Hell yeah Greg! It's nice to FINALLY have a real athletics director.