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Monday, February 21, 2011

What UGA's new football assistants will be earning

Will Friend will be earning $200,000 as Georgia’s new offensive line coach, and Kirk Olivadotti will be getting $250,000 to coach the inside linebackers. That’s according to UGA’s open records office.

The two newest UGA assistants will both be on one-year deals.

Stacy Searels, who Friend is replacing, received $301,200 at Georgia. (He received a raise up to $425,000 to take the same position at Texas.)

Warren Belin, the previous ILB coach was earning $190,000 at Georgia. His new deal at Carolina hasn’t been announced, but it almost certain is a substantial raise.

Todd Grantham is the highest-paid UGA assistant, at $750,000. Offensive coordinator Mike Bobo is earning $325,000 and Rodney Garner is at $290,000.


Anonymous said...

murray broke his ankle. CRAP!

Anonymous said...

Saw Belin in Charlotte eating dinner this weekend. He asked if I was mad that left... said he really did enjoy his time in Athens, but the Pros are the Pros.

Most coaches' dreams for sure.

Anonymous said...


Any word on whether this Aaron Murray ankle rumor is true?!?

Seth Emerson said...

I'm checking into it. Hopefully I'll be able to post something soon, but this is one of those cases where, again, I'm going to be extra careful.