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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Georgia and its blown leads: The gory details

Here’s a quick breakdown of Georgia’s recent inability to hold a lead, particularly at halftime. Incredibly, it has led at halftime of each of the past six games – and only won three of them, needed to go to overtime in another and nearly lost the other two also.

at Florida

Halftime: Georgia by seven
UGA’s biggest lead: by 11, first half
Final: Florida 71, Georgia 62

at Tennessee

Halftime: Georgia by eight
UGA's biggest lead: by 14, first half
Final: Georgia 69, Tennessee 63

vs. Vanderbilt
Halftime: Georgia by six
UGA's biggest lead: by 13, second half
Final: Vanderbilt 64, Georgia 56

at South Carolina
Halftime: Georgia by 19
UGA's biggest lead: by 24, second half
Final: Georgia 60, South Carolina 56

vs. Xavier
Halftime: Georgia by one
UGA's biggest lead: by four, second half
Final: Xavier 65, Georgia 57

vs. Auburn
Halftime: Georgia by four
UGA's biggest lead: by 10, first half (and by eight in second half)
Final: Georgia 81, Auburn 72 (OT)

Here are a few other notable games:

at Arkansas
Halftime: Arkansas by three
UGA’s biggest lead: by seven, second half
Final: Georgia 60, Arkansas 59

vs. Florida
Halftime: Georgia by two
UGA’s biggest lead: by eight, first half (and by three in the closing seconds of first OT)
Final: Florida 104, Georgia 91 (2OT)

vs. Tennessee
Halftime: Tennessee by two
UGA’s biggest lead: by seven, first half
Final: Tennessee 59, Georgia 57

vs. UAB
Halftime: Georgia by 11
UGA’s biggest lead: by 15, first half
Final: Georgia 66, UAB 64

vs. Manhattan (Old Spice Classic)
Halftime: Georgia by seven
UGA’s biggest lead: by eight, second half
Final: Georgia 61, Manhattan 58

vs. Notre Dame (Old Spice Classic)
Halftime: Georgia by 12
UGA’s biggest lead: by 13, second half
Final: Notre Dame 89, Georgia 83 (2OT)

In all, Georgia has had the halftime lead in five of its nine losses.


Dawgfan17 said...

Fox has taken the team a long way from where it was when he arrived in Athens, the next step will be in learning how to play a full 40 minutes and maintaining focus after getting off to good (and great) starts. Still a heck of a job he has done in a short time in Athens.

Anonymous said...

Too many turnovers by the back court. Critical misses from the FT line. It all adds up. However, I think WAY too much is being made of blown leads by Georgia. The program is still building. You have to get a lead, to blow a lead. I guess they could lose the stigma and just get blown out from the beginning of the game. I, for one, am proud of the progress under Fox and confident the future is bright.

Anonymous said...

Bobby Knight would give us that killer instinct.

Anonymous said...

We have not beat any good teams this year and the program is in right direction on reason we have record we do is because if a soft presec schedule. I am not saying coach Fox has done bad but he has yet to prove he is great. Thompkins been more let down than Coach fox has, Thompkins is just not a leader.

BulldogBen said...

Dawgfan17, couldn't agree more. Perfectly stated.

Still, can't help but be frustrated with what has taken place this year. These first half dominations only to watch us wet ourselves in the 2nd are grating on my psyche. I mean, if you watched a highlight reel of our 1st halves this year, you'd think we were a Top 5 team.

SSB Charley said...

We beat Tennessee at Tennessee. We smoked Ole Miss by 20 points at Ole Miss. We beat UK at home. We beat UAB on the road.

We have 2 top 100 players on our roster: Price and Thompkins. UT, UF, UK and Vandy all have far more four and five star talent than we do. It ridiculous for people to kvetch about this team's shortcomings when we are (thanks to the prior coaching staff) one of the least talented teams in the league, much less the division.

Anonymous said...

Lets Face it... our entire Athletic program has been lagging for the past 2 to 3 years. Florida owns UGA in every sport now while UGA still continues to struggle with Mickey Mouse U, Vandy and SC. Im getting sick of this crap. FOX needs to recruit guys who can hold their heads up and play with heart and intensity. Same thing needs to happen with our football team and baseball team.

Anonymous said...

This team has no leaders Price, Thompkins, and Leslie are not leaders they are followers. We need
someone when things get tough for others to look to. I was hoping that Thompkins would be that guy this year but has not.
In response to previous point about our talent we have three guys that would start on any sec team. Thompkins Robinson and Leslie. We had two preseason all sec players no one else can say that. Don't use talent as an excuse uga has plenty if talent

PTC DAWG said...

They play different in the 2nd half. I have no idea why. Take bad shots, rush the O, don't defend. It can be fixed.

2ndly, resisting the urge to feed the trolls.

Rich said...

What are your thoughts, Seth? Why is Fox getting outcoached in the second half? We play almost like two differant teams.

Anonymous said...

Nice to see the chorus of paste-eaters has chimed in. Time to swat away these arguments once again:

"Bobby Knight would give us that killer instinct."

Bobby Knight had no intentions on coming to Athens; the whole thing was a publicity stunt. Even if he had, the team would be worse than it is now, he wouldn't have landed Kentavious Caldwell-Pope, and he'd be blackmailing the AD into getting his son the head job when he retired again. But hey, he would've yelled at the players and made the Dawg fans who want VanGorder to be head coach swoon.

"We have not beat any good teams this year"

We've beaten Kentucky and Tennessee, both of which are good teams. You are completely incorrect.

"we have record we do is because if a soft presec schedule"

Georgia has the 30th ranked SOS in the nation. Again, completely incorrect.

"UGA still continues to struggle with Mickey Mouse U, Vandy and SC."

Vandy historically has been solid under Stallings. Watch basketball more, please.

As for Mickey Mouse U or whatever, tell that to Kentucky, who keeps dropping games to teams of that ilk.

"FOX needs to recruit guys who can hold their heads up and play with heart and intensity."

Kentavious Caldwell-Pope is a great shooter and scorer, but I don't know of Mark Fox made sure he plays with heart or whatever such nonsense. Fire Fox!

"Don't use talent as an excuse uga has plenty if talent"

Depth is our issue. Can you spell "depth"?

Anonymous said...

Anon 2:48 aka Mrs. Fox

TheShuffle said...

All this means that UGA does not have any solid players coming off the bench. Give the ole Fox another year to recruit a few more players to add to the depth chart, and the Dawgs will have themselves a good basketball team.