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Friday, February 18, 2011

NCAA tourney selection committee picks Georgia

Well, the pretend one at least.

Each year, a few weeks before the real tournament field is selected, the NCAA invites some media members to simulate the process of selecting the field. And over the past couple days that mock committee met in Indianapolis, and just completed its picks.

Georgia (17-8, with an RPI rank of 46) did indeed make the field, as one of the last four teams in. So there you go.

The mock committee is mainly put together so media members (this year it had guys like's Seth Davis, Andy Glockner and Andy Staples) can have a better understanding of the process. Each media member is assigned the role of a real committee member, and can’t vote for “their” teams, or teams from “their” leagues.

But since it follows the eventual process so closely, it’s also a useful tool to see where teams are at this point. And the above media members were kind enough to give us a blow-by-blow of the process via their tweets.

As the field was whittled down, Georgia was among the final 12 teams being voted on for six-to-eight spots (which depended on conference tournaments. The mock committee had mock Sunday scenarios too.)

Those final 12 at-large candidates: Baylor (16-8, RPI of 64), Boston College (16-9, 42), Butler (18-9, 45), Cincinnati (20-6, 47), Colorado State (17-7, 39), Florida State (18-7, 51), Georgia, Gonzaga (17-9, 68), Marquette (15-11, 66), Michigan State (13-11, 48), Utah State (23-3, 24) and Virgnia Tech (17-7, 57).

Notable teams that didn’t make the cut for the final vote included Alabama (17-8, 83), Richmond (20-7, 69), Clemson (17-9, 79) and Oklahoma State (16-9, 52).

From that first group, Georgia was voted in on the first ballot along with Butler, Cincinnati and Utah State. The next at-large spots went to Florida State and Gonzaga.

One mock committee member, Jerry Palm of and, tweeted late on Thursday night: “Say what you want about Georgia, at least it takes a good team to beat them.”

Palm pointed out that “SEC teams sure know how to stink it up once in awhile,” citing that Alabama has lost to four teams ranked below the RPI top 100, Tennessee and Florida have three each of those too, and Vanderbilt has two.

Georgia, meanwhile, has lost all eight games to teams in the top 50. But it’s only beaten two teams in the top 50.

Still for what it’s worth, at this point in time Georgia’s lack of bad losses was impressive enough to make the field … sort of.


Andy said...

No more fannying-about, it's time to crack some Volunteer skulls.

Anonymous said...

Uga loses this one and its no go to the show.

Anonymous said...

Not necessarily Anon. Beat UF at UF. SOMEHOW WIN THE SEC TOURNEY (LOL) and we could still get there.

Of course, it will end up in a early exit in round 1 but still, getting there could be fun.

PTC DAWG said...

9-7 gets them in..especially with at least 1 SEC tourney win. GATA!

MarkS31 said...

If Bama keeps winning conference games, they're seriously going to be competing with UGA for one of those last bubble spots. The Dawgs' final regular season game in Tuscaloosa could be huge. . .

Pete said...

Like the HC of the Atlanta Hawks, Larry Drew, says, “Let’s get HEALTHY on the road.” Their road record should help them with confidence. Now they need to put a beating on the Vols like they did against the Mississippi schools. Go Dawgs

Anonymous said...

Seth, As you do write for a paper, could you please write an article about the time the Auburn players and fans destroyed our hedges after winning in Athens. They caused tens of thousands of dollars of damage but were not criminally prosecuted as some of us wanted at the time.

Strange they want this nut in Alabama prosecuted but did not want to be prosecuted for doing the same type of thing. And please do not tell me killing trees is different from killing hedges. That falls under the "I only kill small dogs and not people" logic.

Anonymous said...

Yep lets pretend. Thats the only thing UGA can hang its hat on these days. Baseball team is a bust too while losing to mickey mouse Stetson in the season opener. Pathetic.