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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

The football honor roll

It's been a light day on the beat (thank goodness) so let's finish it with some bright news.

The SEC released its list of fall honor roll students. You know, for the players that go to class, study real hard and generally do what I didn't do in college: get good grades.

Georgia had 47 students on the list, the second-most of any school, and most of them were football players. Here they are, including some recognizable names:

Cameron Allen, biological engineering
John Bodin, anthropology
Taylor Bradberry, exercise & sport science
Brian Brewer, exercise & sport Science
Chris Burnette, finance
Drew Butler, telecommunication arts
Shaun Chapas, marketing
Orson Charles, agricultural engineering
Matthew DeGenova, finance
Kris Durham, middle school education
Reuben Faloughi, psychology
Ty Frix, biological engineering
Ben Jones, health & physical education
Jeremy Longo, housing
Arthur Lynch, health & physical education
Aaron Murray, psychology
Josh Murray, management
Ben Reynolds, biology
Derek Rich, finance
Blake Sailors, consumer sconomics
Joshua Sailors, biology
Wesley Van Dyk, management
Jason Veal, finance
Aron White, management
Charles White, management


Evan said...

I love that Derek Rich is majoring in Finance. So appropriate.

Anonymous said...

Nice job fellas....this is the type of list our players should strive to be on...just look at the names and how their football careers are goes hand in please dont release the Clarke County jail list!

Anonymous said...

Look at Orson, the Biological Engineer.


TheShuffle said...

Anon 9:38

Agricultural Engineer not Biological Engineer.

Anonymous said...

I'm so surprised that Caleb King isn't on that list...

GreenDawg said...

Wow, I'm really surprised at the majors. I don't see very many easy majors on there. I know exercise and sport science sounds like a joke, but it's actually pretty tough. Good job, gentlemen!

Anonymous said...

Is Ealey just a mistake omission? I'm sure he's a Phi Theta Kappa.

Anonymous said...


A lot of business majors on there, it doesn't get much easier than that. And before everyone starts flaming me, guess what my degree is in?

GreenDawg said...

I can see management being easy, but I've got friends in finance and it's certainly not easy, at least from what they say.

I'm particularly impressed with Orson. Ag engineering? That's awesome.

Muckbeast said...

Damn kids spending too much time studying instead of pumping iron!

Just kidding. :)

Nice job, Dawgs!

Anonymous said...

Where is the list on criminal justice and of Fulmer Cup majors?

BulldogBen said...

Thanks Seth. This probably won't break the comment reply record but I'm glad you posted it.

Also, some of the comments here just prove that no matter how positive the entry, some people are just insufferable.

PTC DAWG said...

IF nothing else, some of the comments here should give you notice you need to lock down, register, charge, whatever it takes to control the blogs.

Congrats to the kids on this list, you worked hard for it.

Josh said...

Wow! That's great! The Murray brothers are both on their too. I really wish lists like this one got more attention than they do. When it comes down to it, it's the most important thing in life for 99% of these kids. DGDs!

ActuaryDawg said...

That and chicks.

Bulldog in Exile said...

That Damn Mark Richt and his no-studying crime committing thu..wait, what?

DGDs all.

James said...

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BAM said...

First off, congratulations to those young men who did excel in the classroom. However, I take serious umbrage to the fact that 90% of these majors exist at all at the state's flagship university. We're not doing these kids any favors by allowing them to major in most of these areas. Furthermore, in a state crippled with budget deficits, the cost of maintaining some of these "joke" majors at UGA has to be examined closely.