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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Bulldogs at the NFL scouting combine

Whether or not there's a lockout, there will be a draft, which means there is a combine. A plethora of former Georgia players are getting measured, weighed, poked and prodded up in Indianapolis.

Here's some news I've gathered from my sources. My sources being other media members who are actually up there:

- Could A.J. Green be bound for Ohio? Both the Cincinnati paper and Akron Beacon-Journal have stories on Green being a possibility for the Bengals or Browns.

Green also was asked about his jersey-selling NCAA suspension:

“You can talk to anybody I’ve been around and I definitely don’t have any character things,” he said. “It was bad advice, bad judgment on my part.

“Growing up I never faced any adversity like that so that really humbled me and showed me who was for me. I really tightened my circle down to the people I need to be around …”

Pete Prisco of also profiles Green, under the headline: "No sense of entitlement with A.J. Green, just immense talent." Prisco says that the suspension is not tainting Green's status with the image-conscious NFL.

Several other league sources said the reason for his suspension -- selling his jersey to a man the NCAA declared as a runner for an agent for $1,000 -- is not a big deal. The character, they say, isn't an issue.

Here's also a link to video of Green speaking at the combine.
- Few argued that Green should stick around for his senior year. But what of fellow junior Justin Houston, who also went pro? So far the talk is validating his decision, as the linebacker is getting a lot of first-round mention.

Houston gets mentioned as a "fast-riser" on this site. (The same site also ranks Akeem Dent as the 10th-best inside linebacker.)

The Baltimore Sun mentions Houston as a candidate for the Ravens to take in the first round. (They pick 26th.)

(The offensive players went through the gauntlet at the combine first, so that's why there's more news so far on Green and the following man):

- Clint Boling continues to impress scouts, following up his good performance at the Senior Bowl. mentions Boling in this post.

Boling spoke to the media in Indianapolis, saying his preference was to play tackle, and if that didn't work out he'd like to try guard.

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Vladdy said...

Josh Davis looked terrible this morning....glad Searles is in Austin cause this kid did not look to be be very well coached.