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Friday, March 6, 2009

OK, I Lied...

I know I said all week that I would post a mailbag today, but unfortunately, I'm going to have to postpone the publication. A rather heavy schedule of interviews has kept me busy, and a cold has had me feeling like I just went through mat drills, and I just haven't had the time to put things together as well as I would have liked. Rather than throw something together to get it up today, I'm going to dedicate some time to it over the weekend, and I'll have it posted Monday morning instead.

Sorry for the delay, but if you want to get any last-minute questions in, you can send them to and I'll see about getting you some answers.

In the meantime, here are a few more completely non-UGA-related links for you, and I'll have football notes posted later this afternoon...

-- Hooray! No more "FrankTV" commercials every eight seconds during the baseball playoffs!

-- More good news: The entire cast of "Seinfeld" will be reuniting on "Curb Your Enthusiasm" this season.

-- If you haven't seen "Important Things With Demetri Martin" on Comedy Central yet, I highly suggest checking it out. I would describe it as "Chappelle's Show" if it were made for people who also watched "Frasier." Martin, who has done some fantastic segments on "The Daily Show" is hilarious, and Blurt has a nice interview with him here.

-- And if you must read a mailbag today, might I suggest Bill Simmons' over at

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