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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Wednesday Links (3/11)

Greetings from sunny Tampa, Florida. I went to the Yankees-Reds spring training game last night, which was also attended by members of the Plant High School state championship football team. Not among them, however, were Aaron Murray or Orson Charles. I assume they were home studying their playbooks.

Also, have to wish a happy birthday today to my sister, Amy, and I forgot to wish an important happy birthday to a very important person yesterday. I just hope I don't have to pay for the oversight with a heavy dose of pain.

On to today's links...

-- A year ago, Dennis Felton was cutting down the nets at the SEC tournament, but now he's waiting by the phone for a job.

-- Chip Towers discusses the odd choice of venues for this year's SEC tourney. I say he's just lucky he got to fly here. Seven hours in the car yesterday wasn't exactly fun.

-- The Banner-Herald's Roger Clarkson writes about Trey Thompkins' growth this season despite Georgia's woes.

-- If you only read one story discussing another story discussing another story about Matthew Stafford today, this should be it.

-- Stafford was in Detroit to visit with the Lions, but head coach Jim Schwartz said the team is nowhere close to deciding who they'll take.

-- The South Florida Sun-Sentinel compares and contrasts Ohio State's Beanie Wells and Knowshon Moreno.

-- Bernie's Dawg Blawg takes an in-depth look at Rontavious Wooten, who I think has a chance to be the most surprising member of this year's recruiting class.

-- Ten years after enrolling, Georgia chaplain "Chappy" Hynes will finish his degree in theology this May.

-- The kid's coach backs him up, but Lane Kiffin's calling Alshon Jeffrey a liar. Of course, when old Lane uses the phrase, "That's just not something I would say," as a defense, well I'm not sure that would hold up in court.

-- I covered a few baseball games at LeMoyne back in my days at Syracuse. Interesting bit of trivia: Former Cincinnati Reds pitcher Tom Browning played there. Unfortunately for them, he wasn't on the mound to keep them from getting a beat down at the hands of the now 13-0 Diamond Dawgs.

-- Georgia's golfers looked good in a match play event.

-- Here's exactly why people hate Kentucky: Not is it ridiculous that this had to be announced, but the fact that it's a story is just absurd.

-- The Eagles should have known that hell hath no fury like a Philadelphian scorn.

-- I don't want to get my hopes up yet, but this could be very, very good news for all of us "Friday Night Lights" fans.

-- Whether or not it's true, this story about a Led Zeppelin show at a suburban DC youth center, is fantastic.

-- And finally, I knew things were bad in the economy, but this is just sad . Now I can only assume the bar will hire someone who doesn't know everybody's name. (Coach: Hey Norm, there's a cold one waiting for you. NORM: I know, Coach, and if she calls, I'm not here.)


Anonymous said...

DH, the golf team had match pay in Athens, not Texas.

Favorite Chuck Norris Fact-
Chuck Norris can kill two stones with one bird.

Anonymous said...

David- Do you know when pro day is? And is that something that's open to the public? Thanks.

David Hale said...

Pro day is the 19th. In the past, it has not been open to the public, but let me check into it further.