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Friday, March 20, 2009

Friday Links (3/20)

Fun times yesterday at Pro Day. If you haven't had a chance, you can relive the excitement via the magical world of Twitter by checking out my posts from yesterday's festivities.

I think the Tweeting went pretty well, but I want to give a big apology to those of you who were kind enough to post comments (or replies? responses? shout outs? twoots?) on my Twitter page. I honestly had no idea you could even do that until late last night, so I didn't respond to any of them. Suffice it to say, I greatly appreciate the kind words and am thrilled you all enjoyed the coverage. We'll definitely give it a try again down the road.

I also want to remind you that today is the first day of spring (yay!) and you can get a free water ice at Rita's Water Ice on Timothy Road (just off Atlanta Hwy). I'll be there at some point either before or after (or both) the Syracuse game, so if you run into me, say hello.

Now, on to some links...

-- I mentioned the reactions to Matthew Stafford's performance in my notes from Pro Day yesterday, but plenty of other players made an impact. The AJC has the scoop on Knowshon Moreno's day in front of scouts, and in today's Telegraph, I have a story on how all the attention Stafford and Knowshon attracted managed to provide some big opportunities to some of Georgia's lesser-known players, particularly CJ Byrd.

-- ESPN's Chris Low has tons of Georgia stuff today... Mark Richt insists there is no ill will toward Urban Meyer, just as I pointed out in my blog post earlier this week about Georgia's quarterbacks, Low confirms that Joe Cox is clearly the stater... and Low also offers some love for Georgia's offensive line. Have I mentioned yet that Stacy Searels made himself available to the media Wednesday? I'll have some video up soon.

-- Chip Towers blogs about the wild scene at Pro Day with plenty of big names on hand. Our own Doug Stutsman did a great job of capturing the atmosphere of Pro Day for the Telegraph, too.

-- I'm going to have a bunch of video from yesterday's Pro Day posted soon, but if you have a Total UGA subscription, you can watch some really great clips right now.

-- This poor Detroit News writer flew all the way from Michigan to get the following scoop from Lions' GM Martin Mayhew: "No comment." But did you know that Mayhew and Dave Van Halanger are good friends and that Mayhew was coached by DVH at Florida State? The two chatted it up throughout the day yesterday, and while DVH didn't comment specifically on Mayhew's thoughts on Stafford, he said the reviews on Matthew's arm were all great.

-- Very interesting piece in the Atlanta Business Journal that notes Atlanta is putting effort into bringing the Georgia-Florida game to the Peach State.

-- In a shocking turn of events, Zac Swansey and Troy Brewer did exactly what we all said they were going to do all along. But hey, at least it's official now.

-- Georgia Sports Blog takes an analytical look at the quality of basketball in Georgia and sees no reason why the Bulldogs can't be real good real soon (and wonders why they haven't been already).

-- And while it hurt my brackets quite a bit, one of Georgia's top candidates has officially ended his season, and thus can officially be a candidate.

-- I'm not sure how much you all like reading about tennis, but this story in the Red & Black also involves beating the heck out of Georgia Tech, so I figured it was worth a post.

-- There is no reason whatsoever for me to link to this, but I just love it so darned much and it makes me so happy that I feel you should watch it, too.

-- Hooray! No more time traveling on "Lost" for a while.

-- And finally, have you seen the A-Rod pictures from Details Magazine yet? Let's just say he gets a little loosey-goosey. Man, he needs to fire whoever handles his PR.

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