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Monday, March 23, 2009

Monday Links (3/23)

Four No. 1 seeds, four no. 2 seeds, four No. 3 seeds, two fours, a five and a 12. Essentially, if you refuse to pick upsets, your bracket is looking pretty good right now. Maybe there's a lesson in there somewhere.

Anyway, a couple quick announcements to start the week:

-- I uploaded a few more videos from Georgia's pro day that I didn't post on the blog. I did, however, set up a special Bulldogs Blog playlist on YouTube, where you can find all those videos and a few others. I'll add more stuff as we shoot it, so keep checking back.

-- As many of you are aware, I set up a Twitter account last week to send out updates from pro day. I probably won't be doing that same type of regular tweeting until the next big event (G-Day?) but I will post messages with any quasi-big news or let you know about updates on the blog, etc. So it's still worth following me if that's something you might be interested in.(Of course, not all Twitters work out as well as Rich Rodriguez learned (h/t Blutarski)).

Now, to the links...

-- In a story rife with relaible sources (or, uh, not) is reporting that the Lions have settled on Jason Smith as their top pick and have begun contract negotiations. That may be, but they still have a private workout scheduled with Matthew Stafford for the 31st, so it seems odd they would make this decision now.

-- Meanwhile, Stafford continues to impress -- this time with a fantastic score of 38 on his Wonderlic, which I believe makes him a little more than three times as smart as Vince Young.

-- It's been a wild ride this offseason for Stafford, but as I wrote for Sunday's Telegraph, he's kept a cool head throughout the process.

-- Stafford didn't spend much time throwing to tight ends last season, but that could change under Joe Cox, reports Chip Towers.

-- Chris Low's SEC blog at ESPN was Georgia central toward the end of last week. The highlights include his story on Willie Martinez, who decided to stay at Georgia despite the fans calling for his head, and an interview with Joe Cox, who had some interesting quotes about last year's team.

-- The Diamond Dogs had a great weekend sweeping Mississippi State in front of some big crowds.

-- Of course, those crowds could be bigger if Georgia had a better facilty than Foley Field, writes Georgia Sports Blog.

-- And on the subject of facilities, Runaround Sue's makes the case for playing the Cocktail Party game in Atlanta in the future.

-- Well, I guess this puts an end to one of my childhood dreams. Sigh.

-- Georgia's own Jack McBrayer has made his NBC page character on "30 Rock" one of the funniest on TV, but the New York Observer takes a look at what it's really like to have that job.

-- And finally, reader Billy Barou had a question after watching the video of the vertical jump workouts from Georgia's pro day: "Non-Dawg related, but can you please see if its possible to get the footage of Terrance Cody performing this drill next year?"

Well, ever the vigilant journalist, I contacted Alabama's sports information staff, and they immediately sent back this video of Cody's personal workout.


Anonymous said...

You're all on top of the coaching rumors this morning and now you get us a video of a big fat man doing physical exercise, someone is on fire, and it's only noon!

Billy Barou said...

Homer Simpson: the Terrance Cody of sitcom television...