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Sunday, March 22, 2009

Hot Reads (3/22)

I started this blog the last week of July of this past year. This post that you are currently reading will be my 802nd. I'm no mathamagician, but I believe that works out to about 25 posts per week. Add to that the dozen or so links posted each day, my stories for the Telegraph and Ledger-Enquirer, and the enormous quanitity of content from other resources that isn't shared on this blog, and it's a wonder a hardcore Georgia fan has time to shower or eat lunch each day. There's a lot of Dawg news out there.

That's really both the cost and the benefit of the age of the Internet. We have access to so much more information than we did before that it can become a bit overwhelming. But fear not, I'm here to help.

Starting today, I'm going to launch a new weekly feature tentatively titled "Hot Reads" in which, every Sunday, I'll take a look back at the top four or five storylines in Georgia athletics from the previous week and provide links to the essential reading material you may have missed. Consider a Cliff's Notes on the week that was. Will you still miss a few things along the way? Sure. But you didn't need to understand that the ship was a microcosm for society to get that Moby Dick was a pretty pesky fish (...mammal... whatever).

So, here's what you should have learned this week...

1.) Georgia's basketball program is in flux. First, Zac Swansey trashed his team. Then he and Troy Brewer were planning to transfer. Then Brewer wanted to stay. Then they were both officially leaving. And of course, there's still no coach, but there are plenty of rumors.

2.) Pro Day was a big hit. Tons of scouts and former players came to Athens to watch this year's draft-eligible Bulldogs workout. Matthew Stafford had a decent day and has remained calm despite the spotlight. Knowshon Moreno didn't improve on his 40 time much, but several of the other Georgia players managed to up their draft stock with strong performances.

3.) Spring practice got started. There's a lot on the line this spring, but the big storylines to start the spring involved Joe Cox taking over the offense -- which raised a bit of debate on whether he was more like D.J. Shockley or more like Joe Tereshinski -- and Caleb King getting his shot at running back. As it turns out, Cox's understudy, Logan Gray, had a big first day, and King's backup, Carlton Thomas, seems to have stolen the show, which you could have read earlier this week HERE, but more like found the stories yesterday HERE, HERE, HERE or HERE. Don't worry, I'm not bitter or anything.

4.) Atlanta wants to throw a cocktail party. The Atlanta Business Journal reported that the city was making efforts to bring the annual Georgia-Florida game to the A-T-L. Georgia AD Damon Evans said the whole thing was blown way out of proportion. Of course, some smart, pragmatic folks think it's a bad idea to move the game no matter what.

5.) Tony Dungy came to town. Dungy was in Athens with Mark Richt to promote an organization called All Pro Dad, which encourages fathers to spend more quality time with their kids. Dungy didn't talk much football, but he did mention a meeting with incoming UGA tight end Orson Charles. Later, Charles said it was that conversation that convinced him to become a Bulldog.


Anonymous said...

PLEASE! Two things - Felton hurt us worse than Jirsa and Harrick combined. If you don't think so, look at the character and morale issues of virtually every kid he brought to the UGA campus with the exception of Bliss and Gaines. And those two would have won the tournament with Felton or without. Also, let me assure everyone that Coach Richt will never again be in a situation where he gets caught having to start a scout team quarterback (Joe T) in SEC games!

Anonymous said...

Sure would like to read about logan grey s big day,but when I clicked on it ,nothing was there about logan

David Hale said...