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Monday, March 30, 2009

Monday Links (3/30)

Last week's scrimmage was canceled due to rain, so the session will be made up this week. Georgia will scrimmage today at the stadium, and the team is adding an extra practice tomorrow. They'll practice today, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday now.

So, looks like we've got a busy week ahead of us, so let's get it started with a handful of links...

-- If you didn't get a chance to read it yesterday, Doug Stutsman had a story in the Telegraph looking at the progression of Georgia's defense from the Brian Van Gorder era up to last season's collapse. It's a great read.

-- What with his Twitter account always tweeting, I've paid less attention than I should to As it turns out, there's some good video up that you can check out HERE, including some fake pro day interviews hosted by Shaun Chapas and some locker-room chit-chat with Vince Vance.

-- Meanwhile, Richt and his son, Jon, made an appearance at Valdosta State over the weekend. Wonder if this means we'll be seeing Jon Richt playing there in the fall.

-- Mile High Report looks at the draft possibilities for former UGA linebacker Dannell Ellerbe.

-- Some NFL royalty was in Athens over the weekend, and Bernie's Dawg Blawg has the wrap up. I was telling my girlfriend about this Saturday, and she informed me that Nick Montana plays on the same high school team as Will Smith's son and Wayne Gretsky's son. She was quite proud she knew something about sports that I didn't. I then pointed out that Wayne Gretsky's wife was really hot, thus ending our conversation.

-- Both Senator Blutarski and I spent some time last week tossing around the idea of an expiration date on a coach's message, but the Senator took things a step further today with his post on how adding kicker Brandon Bogotay was another step in Mark Richt's reinvention of his message.

-- Bleacher Report looks at the top 10 games of the Mark Richt era at Georgia.

-- I had meant to mention this during last week's coaching search posts, but this was obviously going to become the next big story. Billy Gillespie refuses to sign his contract, and now we'll be subjected to two years worth of lawsuits and arguments after he gets canned. Kentucky basketball... catch the excitement!

-- Kentucky's Scout site seems to think Billy Clyde would be a good fit in Athens. I asked that question over the weekend and I didn't get a lot of positive response from fans.

-- The AJC's Chip Towers talks to Missouri's chancellor, who says he hasn't heard anything about Mike Anderson leaving, but a pay raise is in the works.

-- Georgia Sports Blog continues to stay on top of all the coaching comings and goings.

-- offers five reasons why Georgia's hoops team can turn things around quickly.

-- The Diamond Dogs enjoyed a clean sweep of Tennessee over the weekend.

-- And the softball team managed a sweep of its own at Kentucky, too.

-- After taking in a movie with me (OK, not with me) on Saturday, the Auburn women's golf team took home a victory in the rain-shortened Liz Murphey tournament.

-- The Georgia men's tennis team didn't get much sleep but they did get some wins over the weekend.

-- Herschel Walker lives to see another day on "Celebrity Apprentice."

-- This is such an unfortunate lead: "A French pole vaulting champion ran naked with his pole."

-- All us "Friday Night Lights" fans should find out the fate of the show today.

-- And finally, this story is not interesting or related to Georgia, but it did remind me of this "Simpsons" clip which I thought was worth sharing. And, I for one would like to welcome our new insect overlords. I'd like to remind them that, as a trusted blogging personality, I could be helpful in rounding up others to toil in their underground sugar caves.


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Anonymous said...

Why no news of contact yet? We are either executing our search with surgical precision or the bottom has or is about to completely fall out. Hopefully we have a logical and worthwhile backup plan in place. If Capel is unlikely, I am thinking it doesn't help us that our presumed candidate de jour, Mike Anderson, will likely be a candidate at Memphis if Calipari is indeed headed to Lexington.