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Thursday, March 12, 2009

Thursday Links (3/12)

Happy Thursday, folks. Georgia begins its defense of its SEC tournament championship in just a few hours, but in the meantime, how about some links?

-- It's hard to figure another miracle run can happen for the Bulldogs, but there are players in the locker room who have no trouble believing.

-- Chip Towers has the best lead of any story I've seen written this entire basketball season in his tourney preview. Now that's how you get me to read the rest of the story, Chip!

-- The Red & Black's Fletcher Page earns $5 by talking with Pete Herrmann about his continued friendship with former coach Dennis Felton.

-- Roger Clarkson remembers last year's run led by Sundiata Gaines.

-- The Chattanooga Times Free Press writes that Mike Bobo will be starting a new era when he calls plays for the first time in his career without Matthew Stafford under center.

-- Georgia's training staff apparently has a new program that helps identify players who are prone to injury. Now the big question: How do you stop them from getting injured?

-- While Georgia experiments with some new options for injury prevention, Kentucky's Rich Brooks is fighting for a good cause in making sure all coaches know a bit more about keeping their players safe.

-- In my mailbag post earlier this week, I discussed Georgia's lack of prep time for its backup quarterbacks. Get the Picture actually does the homework on this issue and sees a potential problem lying ahead in 2010.

-- UGA's 2009 schedule has been set for a while, but this could be the last piece of the puzzle to having the SEC release its '09 slate officially.

-- I know Lane Kiffin has mostly been worried about angering South Carolina this week, but here's a reminder that Florida will have a chip on its shoulder when they take on the Vols this season.

-- Another easy win for the Diamond Dawgs. Things will get a little tougher this weekend against Alabama though.

-- Four Georgia runners will make the trip to Texas for the Indoor Track & Field Championships.

-- My home state is about to legalize sports betting and will now be known for something other than our world famous screen door factory.

-- And finally, how about some interviews with stars of two of my favorite shows? Taylor Kitsch from "Friday Night Lights" talks with Vanity Fair, while Star Pulse chats it up with Oscar Nunez from "The Office."


Anonymous said...

If you read the article about the program to determine who's injury prone, the numbers from last year are just mind boggling.

"Georgia players underwent 37 surgeries from preseason practices through this winter, a number Courson had not seen in his 25 years as an athletic trainer."

The Bulldogs had four players held out at the start of the mat drills offseason conditioning program last year, compared to 35 this year."

"More than 40 percent of Georgia's 2008 signing class - nine of 21 players - have undergone surgery or missed significant practice time because of injury."

I mean, it's crazy that we won 10 games like this. It just really puts everything into perspective.

Anonymous said...

I think we have enough problems to worry about in 2009. 2010 will have to wait until next year.