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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Wednesday Links (3/18)

I'd like to open with some witty banter, but it's the day after St. Patty's Day, and I just don't have the energy. Straight to the links...

-- Joe Cox was a popular man yesterday. There were close to 40 media members covering practice, and they all wanted time with Joe... which is odd because they didn't really have a lot of questions once he finally sat down to answer them. Anyway, Tim Tucker does a great job of sizing up Cox's first real day as Georgia's starting quarterback.

-- The Banner-Herald writes that Caleb King has a sharper focus without Knowshon Moreno ahead of him on the depth chart.

-- Following the release of Dexter Moody from his scholarship, Mark Richt is staying mum on the issue. Funny note about this: Richt says he can no longer discuss Moody since he is again "a recruitable athlete." That would be true of Jon Richt, too, whom Mark discussed at length. Ah, technicalities.

-- Chip Towers blogs today that the details of Moody's recruitment and release remain a mystery.

-- In addition to all the other changes this spring, Chattanooga's David Paschall looks at the new jobs for assistant coaches Bryan McClendon and Tony Ball.

-- T Kyle King shares an opinion I heard a good bit yesterday: They just want the Bulldogs to start hitting people.

-- CBS Sports' Dennis Dodd tackles 25 interesting tidbits for this spring around the nation.

-- Good news for Macon sports fans, as Bill Shanks show will be back on the air beginning next week.

-- And finally, since it's Wednesday, I'll leave you with a handful of "Lost" links: Here's an interview with the actor who plays the young Ben Linus... the show's season finale for this year is set for May 13... "Lost's" producers want fans to come up with a nickname for the show's final scene... and apparently Hurley is digging his new hair on the show (but fails to mention his UGA hoodie).

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