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Monday, March 16, 2009

Monday Links (3/16)

A handful of links to kill some time between filling out brackets in your office pool...

-- Numerous reports, including from TotalUGA, that Miami's Frank Haith is a serious candidate for Georgia's open coaching job.

-- Speaking of your tourney brackets, Dawgs Online says they should tell you all you need to know about the pathetic state of SEC hoops. I watched much of the SEC tourney title game and that was downright ugly. That final stretch of turnovers to end the game was downright sad. And that was the best the conference had to offer. Yikes.

-- The Sporting News seems to think USC's Mark Sanchez is a better pick at No. 1 for the Detroit Lions than Matthew Stafford.

-- Should the Lions select Stafford No. 1 overall, the Dallas Morning News says he'll be ready.

-- After a lengthy absence, Tony Barnhart is back to blogging (in a pretty big font) over at the AJC with thoughts on everything from Lane Kiffin to the issues at Florida State and Alabama.

-- By the way, Barnhart mentions Andre Smith's tumble down draft borads. If you haven't seen his shirtless 40-yard dash at his pro day workout... well, all I can tell you is to have a trash can nearby in case your breakfast comes back up.

-- Speaking of gross stuff, Get the Picture easily takes the honor of funniest blog post of the weekend.

-- The fall from grace (or at least something grace-like) continues for Quincy Carter, who signed with the IFL's Abeline Ruff Riders.

-- The top-ranked Diamond Dogs narrowly escaped a series sweep at the hands of Alabama on Sunday.

-- The New York Times says that the bad economy might be helping some bad coaches keep their jobs.

-- Dancing in the End Zone asks an important question: Is it OK to say "we" when discussing our favorite teams. Cousin Walter offers some follow up. I'll say that it doesn't bother me when fans say it, but when reporters say it, I want to punch them in their face.

-- Bleacher Report combines two of my favorite things: NFL mock drafts and "Friday Night Lights."

-- On the heels of the Eagles' employee who was canned for condemning the team, this week's crazy Facebook status update belongs to the mayor of Dallas, Ga.

-- They're making a MacGyver movie, which begs the question: What '80s TV shows still need to be remade as feature films? My vote is probably for "Alf."

-- And finally, I know a lot of you woke up this morning feeling unfulfilled. Something was wrong. Something was missing. It was Billy Packer. You spent your entire Selection Sunday without any obnoxious old curmudgeons who make you want to kick your television. Well, fear not: Deadspin gives you your Billy Fix.

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