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Monday, March 9, 2009

Monday Links (3/9)

Happy Monday, folks. Here are some links to get your week off in the right direction...

-- The AJC's Michael Carvell talks to Arthur Lynch about Georgia's other tight end recruit, Orson Charles.

-- UGA is close to a deal with ISP sports that would be among the most lucrative in the nation, according to the Sports Business Journal. (Registration required.)

* UPDATE: Just heard back from Alan Thomas, UGA's associate AD, who told me that negotiations were ongoing with ISP, but no agreement has been reached. The contract currently in place provides ISP with exclusive negotiation rights, which prompted the talks. The current deal with ISP does not expire until June 30, 2010. That said, I also confirmed through a different source that, when the deal is completed, it is expected to be the biggest in ISP history.

-- It's a great day for Get the Picture -- a Lane Kiffin two-fer.

-- The second time will surely be the charm for the spread offense at Auburn, right?

-- When stuff like this keeps happening to your recruits, you're reminded of why you bring in a 73-person signing class.

-- It was another sweep for the Diamond Dawgs, who are now off to a 12-0 start to their season.

-- The Gym Dogs are still undefeated, too, after a big win on the left coast this weekend that included a perfect 10 for Courtney McCool.

-- I rarely watch David Letterman anymore, but I came across this clip of Artie Lang on the show, and the story about Harry Caray is hilarious.

-- I give the Terrell Owens era in Buffalo approximately four days before something ridiculous happens.

-- I hope a lot of you are still watching "Friday Night Lights" on NBC. Scott Porter, who plays Jason Street, writes about his final appearance on the show for Entertainment Weekly.

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