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Saturday, March 28, 2009

Saturday Links (3/28)

No practices again until Monday, so I'm going to actually try to enjoy a weekend off for a change. I need some time to recover from the anticlimactic conclusion to Syracuse's basketball season. If something happens with the hoops job, I'll let you know, but other than that, a few links will have to fill the void for the next 48 hours or so...

-- The AJC's Tim Tucker talks to Rennie Curran about how Georgia plans to improve its defense in 2009 -- and how Curran plans to improve his own game.

-- 49ers great Joe Montana is in Athens this weekend with his son, Nick, who has an offer to join Georgia's class of 2010.

-- Jeff Owens' latest blog post gives thanks to Bulldog Nation.

-- Chip Towers looks at what Kentucky's entry into the coaching search sweepstakes might mean for Georgia.

-- Mobile's Gentry Estes says Anthony Grant will bring plenty of change to Alabama.

-- Georgia Sports Blog attempts to read the tea leaves after yesterday's events surrounding Billy Gillespie, Anthony Grant and Billy Donovan. Just curious on this since I've already heard it mentioned: What would you guys think about Gillespie being a candidate?

-- Jeff Schultz talks with Hugh Durham about the value of the Georgia basketball job.

-- 960 the Ref chats with Diamond Dogs coach Dave Perno.

-- The baseball team avoided the raindrops in Knoxville and thumped the Volunteers 12-6.

-- The Banner-Herald looks at the impact of freshman reliever Michael Palazzone.

-- Since Georgia fans are reading plenty about their new kicker from San Diego, I figured I'd share this story I came across on Rob Neyer's ESPN blog about another San Diego product. The story, from SI' Lee Jenkins, is about a pitching phenom at San Diego State, and if you think mat drills sound bad, just wait til you read what the SDSU coaching staff did to this kid.

-- And finally, I think we probably all should have seen this coming: Vince, the legendary spokesman for Shamwow and Slapchop, has been arrested and charged with punching a prostitute. This from a guy whose commercial catch phrase is, "You're going to love my nuts."


Gen. Stoopnagle said...

Dave, Yes, I thought about Gillepsie as well. I'm not sure if I'd like Kentucky's cast-offs, but then again I wouldn't mind Tubby if he came back.

First, BG's issue at UK was not getting to the tourney but it was exacerbated by his rather boorish behavior. He had some run-ins with a ESPN sideline reporter which have been documented on the blogs. And, it seems he wasn't much of a glad-hander. This all sounds bad until you consider that the basketball job at UK is what the football job is here. He wouldn't have nearly the public relations responsibilities at UGA that he had at UK.

And BG had great success at a place with absolutely no hoops tradition at A&M. Again, a place like UGA in the sense that football will always be king. Maybe he would fit in well at a place like UGA...

BUT he had the Kentucky brand to recruit to and lost in Rupp to Georgia this year. That's brutal.

I'd prefer others for sure.

Anonymous said...

That was a bad question, David.

Billy Clyde

P.S. I am drunk.

Anonymous said...

tried to post this earlier from my phone, but it doesn't look to have gone through...

the athletic association has sent out a notice to the UGA basketball band to be ready to try to play at a press conference likely to be "within a week's time." we're expected to get the actual information relatively soon, at most a couple days, because we have to volunteer based on our individual class schedules