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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Tuesday Links (3/10)

I'm about to get on the road to head to Tampa, so this will likely be my only post for the day -- or at least for the next 7 hours or so...

-- At this point, you really have to hand it to Lane Kiffin. The guy just continues to come up with new material... and this time, I admit, it's pretty darned funny.

-- The Tampa Tribune takes a look at Orson Charles' decision to come to Georgia.

-- Senator Blutarski looks at Florida's roster and schedule and can't help but be a bit nervous... for good reason.

-- Here's your daily Ole Miss police blotter story, courtesy of ESPN's Chris Low.

-- If the chips don't fall the right way -- i.e. if Detroit looks elsewhere -- both Matthew Stafford and Matt Sanchez could be in trouble on draft day.

-- NFL scout Mike Mayock thinks the Lions should avoid taking Stafford first overall.

-- I know it's easy to blow off the hoops team after a pretty ugly season, but Dawg fans should be proud of senior Corey Butler. You won't come across kids like this too often.

-- Here's an interesting name for the Georgia coaching vacancy: Barack Obama's brother-in-law.

-- Bernie's Dawg Blawg doesn't think too much of the AJC's latest suggestion to the UGA search firm.

-- The gushing over Gordon Beckham in the Chicago media continues with this article in the Tribune.

-- Meanwhile, Beckham's old team has looked pretty impressive without him, and now tops two national polls.

-- Most of the time, writers won't completely call a guy out in print, no matter how bad the guy is, because they don't want to burn bridges. I'm guessing Hal McCoy is pretty sure Jim Bowden won't be landing another job.

-- It's honestly getting to the point where I can't root for these guys anymore. Hal McCoy needs to write a column about Joe Banner now, too.

-- And finally, since I'll be gone the rest of the day, this YouTube clip should manage to fill the void for a while.


Anonymous said...

I didn't think South Carolina or any state for that matter still had gas stations that had people who pumped your gas for you...

David Hale said...

In New Jersey, it's a state law that someone has to pump your gas for you.

shliknik said...

I was stunned to see a gas station attendant pumping someone's gas YESTERDAY here in Greenville, SC!