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Saturday, March 26, 2011

UGA players: "Cancers" are out, "brothers" are in

A lot of times, stories about improved team chemistry are all too easy after a losing season: "We weren't together last year, but we are now" is a common storyline.

But in speaking with Georgia players, it's obvious they feel strongly about that being the case this year. And considering the Bulldogs aren't used to losing, how they reacted to it last year, and how they're responding this offseason, is interesting.

My story on the subject is posted here. The opening few paragraphs:

ATHENS - There were times last year that Tavarres King would look around the Georgia football team before games and sense something was wrong. The atmosphere was flat. Players weren’t on the same page.

“Last year was a real quiet year in the locker room,” he said. “Nobody was ever saying anything leadership-wise.”

King, a receiver, answered “absolutely” when asked if there were more chemistry issues than people knew about last season. And he also said “absolutely” when asked if the team was closer together this spring.

The rest of the story includes some interesting quotes from current and former players: Aaron Murray, Ben Jones, Christian Robinson, Marcus Dowtin, Demarcus Dobbs and Aron White.

I wasn't able to include comments from head coach Mark Richt, but I'll supply them here.

Richt was asked this week if he liked the team’s attitude. He answered thusly:

“I like their attitude. They’re working hard. There’s not a whole lot of griping and moaning. Sometimes when things get tough you hear guys gripe and moan a little bit; but they’re doing it. I used to gripe and moan a bit, but I’d still do it. But overall, they’re just trying to get better. I do like their attitude a lot.”

As a follow-up, Richt was asked if he sensed that the attitude needed improvement last year.

“We’ve all got to be pulling in the same direction, and we’ve all got to be believing, and we’ve all got to get better at doing the things that will help us win the fourth quarter," Richt said. "We’ve got to finish well. That’s the main thing that we did not do. Six out of seven games, we were within a touchdown in the fourth quarter. Sometimes we didn’t win the fourth quarter. That was our biggest thing, really.”


Clint said...

Every year these sametypes of stories get written about this team and every year they stink. We haven't really had an on the field leader since DJ Shockley. I honestly don't expect this season to be any different and will comment on a story abut cancers being gone tis time nextyear.

Anonymous said...

Great article and research on this one.

Losers blame teammates.

Winners take responsibility for blame. I havn't heard Murray talk much in interviews about what Murray did to contribute to the 6-7season, I could give you a list, and I've read a lot about how he thinks his teammates were to blame. That's dissappointing if Murray's supposed to be a leader. Christian Robinson has blamed teammates for the 6-7 season in interviews too, very dissapointing. This undercuts their trust. The cancer is never "out there' in a teammate, it's always in your own helmet.

Dobbs has a better attitude about it, not blaming teammates, but focusing on what Dobbs did to lead to a 6-7 season, and fixing those things. Dobbs is the kind of leader guys will follow to the hole and back because he doesn't blame teammates.

Anonymous said...

Winning creates chemistry. Talking about winning doesn't help. Losing divdes teams. Winning is the best, and really, the only way to build real chemistry. You battle through adveristy and find a way to win games, and teammates respect you. If all you do is talk a big game, and lose more games than you win, and crack under adversity, then you're a cancer.

Winners win, losers lose.

Anonymous said...

Coach's gameplans didn't work last year against ranked teams. Players started doubting coaches. Certain highly touted players didn't execute well and choked against ranked teams. Players started doubting those players. Basically, when your strategy/gameplan flops, coaches lose chemistry with players, and when execution flops, players lose chemistry with each other.

Anonymous said...

Say what you want, but if the team starts out 0 & 2 again, Richt will make a change, and Murray won't starting QB anymore & Robinson won't be starting LB anymore. Richt can't afford to risk the season again with leaders who the team doesn't respond to. If the team doesn't respond to Murray & Robinson, Richt will bench both, it's a do or die season.

Anonymous said...

Easy to spot the real cancers. They're the ones, on offense or defense, that crack in key situations like 3rd down, 4th quarter or red zone, against ranked teams, especially division rivals. Anyone could play like a 5 star against Coastal Carolina, but how you play against South Carolina, Florida, that's where you find the cancer.

Talking about greatness is worthless, those who are great, when most required, that's what chemistry is all about.

Cam Newton. Mt. Cody. Tebow. Percy. Lattimore.

Suomynona said...

Same song and dance but I hear different music - am I crazy - nope this team is going to surprise.

Anonymous said...

If we start out zero and two, it will not be the quarterback and the linebacker but the coaching. Here is to hoping the defense plays better. At least enough to make up for the poor play calling.

Vladdy said...

Who in the hell anointed Christian Robinson the defensive leader? What has he done? Did he even play last year? If so, did he make a play? STFU and do your job! When you tank v Carolina, COLORADO and can you not have a bad tude. What will Robinson say when Smith, Rambo and Commings are being smoked by Boise?

The cancer lies in a SOFT head coach who cannot evaluate talent.

Jones will be the MF that dominates at LB and BECOMES the leader!

Not Anon said...

Who wants to bet that all these Anons are the same person?

Anonymous said...

I'll take that bet, because I am posting as anonymous for the first time on this posting.

I win.

Anonymous said...

Good to hear the team's together, but I agree winning will keep the team together. Losing will divide them.

However, I'm glad the staff is being tough on the team. I would like to see our HC show a "more go-get-em" attitude. There's too much "let's see" in his approach. He's a great guy, but he's got to lead the team with some positive spirit and some emotion.

Anonymous said...

Did Robinson play last year did you ask that question vladdy? Better question is did you watch any games last year! Go back in your trailer and open another six pack!

Anonymous said...

I'm sick of hearing this same crap year after year. It means absolutely nothing.

Anonymous said...

I wish someone would name names...who are these "cancers" that are now out? AJ Green? Dowtin? Chapas? Dent? Houston?

mp said...

who would it help to name names? just the random anonymous haters. Either it's true or it's not and we'll see next year.

Anonymous said...

Richt should have been conducting some chemistry epxeriments last season to try and find the right mix of leadership that beats ranked teams. Lacking last season.

Chemistry is about finding that perfect mix of starters that just win.

Chemistry is players who just win.

If I were guessing, I'd go with guys that hate to lose: Ealey at RB, Tavarres King and Mitchell at WR, Lemay at QB, Charles at TE, Drew, Jenkins, Boykin, Smith, Ogletree.

bigeasydawg said...

Not to pile on but I think this whole leadership thing just elicits more anger from the pitchfork mob side of the fanbase and at best a hearty eye roll from the "keep positive" side of the fanbase. I know we put these kids in a tough spot because they get asked these questions about leadership (not saying that Seth was trying to trap them or anything. A writer's gotta write and these were standard spring fluff stuff.). The worst thing to hear would be "our leadership is fine, just like last year."

But at the same time, I wish they would just say something like "I think we have the best leaders ever" or stuff like that. I get sick of the whole cancer talk that feels like it's been going on for 3 years. I agree with mp, it wouldn't be productive to name names. Nor is it productive for players to have us looking at last years seniors and trying to guess who the cancers were. Seniors are traditionally the leaders but if they weren't up to it then you should have stepped up yourself.

I'm really positive about this year, but when I hear the same old crap about leadership it makes me take a step back. Everybody else has said it on here, good leadership or bad, it might not matter after the first two games.

Anonymous said...

Cancer ain't gone.

Cancer is anyone on the team that doesn't lead to winning in key situations against key teams.

Plenty of cancer still on the team.

Anonymous said...

We need some leaders who do a lot less talking and lot more winning.

Will said...

Plenty of cancer in the fanbase as well.

Will said...

And Vladdy, what the hell difference does it make what Robinson did last year? It's this year that counts. It sounds like he is one of the guys stepping up telling the others to stow the shit and get to work. Isn't that what everyone has been wishing we had for the last few years?

Anonymous said...

1) Richt has to find a winning strategy on offense, averaging 18 points against ranked teams won't win many games. Need more chemistry between coaches & players, better strategy, more wins, leads to more chemistry.
2) Richt needs to find players who play big, at the right time, against the best teams. That's when you know you have chemistry between players. If the team loses a lot with a QB, you have to ditch the QB, even if you really like him, like Richt did with Joe Terishinski. Same for every position of the team. Reward guys who play big, at right times, against best teams with more playing time, bench the ones that don't help you win.

Michael said...

For the love of god Seth, ****PLEASE**** disable anonymous posting.

Your comment threads have absolutely no flow, and no ability to even somewhat tell who is posting what.

Sure, people could make up a zillion names, but at least then things are broken up a little, and SOME of these anons will use a consistent username.

Anonymous said...


anyone can get a blogger account and stay anonymous like you did.

I think Seth's comments have a terrfic flow, and the numbers don't lie, this site gets a TON of hits.

You don't fix what ain't broke "michael".

Anonymous said...

Coaches staying with players who don't play big, at key times, against ranked teams, erodes team chemistry.

Entitlement from coaches kills chemistry.

Mettenber, Logan Gray, Jackson, even the 4th best tackler, have all transferred because they sense coaches stayed with guys who didn't earn it.

Spurrrier at SC has the right approach, that's why he kicked Georgia's butt last year.

Anonymous said...

Nick Williams looked like the best defensive player on the field last G-Day.

Williams transferred after being moved from safety to LB.

Marcus Dowtin performed at a high level last season, finished tied for 4rd in tackles. He was asked to sit out of the Bowl game even though he was healthy.

Looks like Grantham getting into the entitlement thing too.

Cancer spreads fast.

Anonymous said...

Florida thought Cam Newton was a cancer because Newton thought he deserved more playing time.

Newton went to JUCO, went undefeated, won a National Championship at JUCO.

Then Newton went to Auburn, went undefeated, won a 2nd National Championship.

Wanting to play, doesn't mean you're a cancer.

It's the coach's job to recognize talent and put playmakers on the field.

If not, they transfer.

Cam Newton was anything but a cancer.

Anonymous said...

Nick Williams led G-Day with 7 tackles. And they were big hits.

Grantham rewarded Williams with a move to LB.

Williams transferred.

Anonymous said...

While it's easy to call players who ask for transfers "cancers", they're not. Mettenberger was kicked off the team. Then Mettenberger went on to an 11-1 season, and led his team to the National championship game. And Georgia went 6-7, without Mettenberger. Mett should have been suspended for 2 games, not kicked off the team. Saban and Miles agree, and offered Mett a scholarship, he'll be leading LSU this year.

Anonymous said...

It's bizarre that they 2 best G-Day performers, Williams who led the team with 7 tackles that day, and Mettenberger, who led the team with td's and yards on offense. Coaches not rewarding performance with playing time erodes chemistry.

Anonymous said...

Marcus Lattimore ran for 212 yards against division rival Florida, and 182 against Division rival Georgia.

That's greatness, and that's how you build team chemistry.

Garcia played his best against the defending National Champs Alabama. Had the best game of his career.

That's chemistry.

Anonymous said...

Garcia completed 85% of his passes against Bama, went 17 for 20, 3 td's, 200+ QB rating.

That's what chemistry is all about.

Anonymous said...


I thought Aron White had the most mature response.

“I think any time that things go wrong, people find something or someone to blame,” tight end Aron White said. “I don’t blame any of my teammates. I love guys, my guys that have played here. Some guys have problems; some don’t. I haven’t done everything perfect. Some guys might say I was a problem here or a problem there. But at the same time, we all love our teammates, we never point the finger at one of our teammates. If people want to say that, they can say that. But we’re focusing on the new way at Georgia. We’re just focusing on doing things the right way now.”

Anonymous said...


I thought Dobbs also responded with maturity.

"When you go 6-7 you start to look and a lot of people start to point at a lot of people instead of looking within themselves and what they can better,” Dobbs said. “How could they have bettered the team, you know. I look at myself, as to how I could have been a better leader, to lead some of the guys. Everybody comes from different backgrounds. You never know what people’s problems are in life. All you can do is ask yourself what did you contribute to help that person out and to help your team out, and how much did you do.”

The departed players may be a convenient target, in other words.

“There were a couple guys transferring. I don’t necessarily think they were cancers to the team,” Dobbs said. “Maybe they didn’t do everything the right way, but I don’t think they led to the demise of the team.”

Good to know not every leader on the team is callign teammtes a cancer.

bigeasydawg said...

I'd bet $10 American dollars that people who complain about Mettenberger being kicked off the team are the same knuckleheads that say "rabblerabblerabble Richt has lost control! Look at all the arrests!! Need more discipline! rabblerabblerabble!" Give me a freakin break.

Michael said...

"anyone can get a blogger account and stay anonymous like you did."

Then freakin' do it.

Anything that gives people even the slightest accountability for their words would be a dramatic improvement.

"You don't fix what ain't broke "michael"."

Well it is most certainly "broke" right now. The comment threads here are an absolute cesspool compared to and

chumpluck said...

I agree with Michael, I wish people would have to register. I know it won't stop trolling, but it's hard to have a discussion with 25 anonymous posts. It just makes for hard reading. If you're not a troll, just make up a name. Hell even call yourself Anonymous 2144, at least then we could tell who is commenting what. This is pretty much the only blog I go to that lets you just choose "anonymous". The others don't necessarily make you register, but you have to put some kind of name.

Doug said...

I hope the "anonymous" guy who posted all the stuff about Murray, Williams, Dowtin, and Metz is not a UGA fan. That guy's knowledge of Georgia football is embarrassing.

Murray was a red shirt freshman, and you don't expect him to play lights out in every game.

Dowtin transferred instead of getting kicked off the team. He couldn't do things the right way off the field.

Metz lied to the coaches about what happened down in South Georgia. He was given the chance to tell the truth up front and knew the consequences if he lied.

Cam Newton transferred before being kicked out of school for cheating. Also, I don't think Newton will be loved by the Auburn fans in a year or two.

Anonymous said...

Maybe some of these Mamby Pamby fans just need to trot back over to the other blogs site where they can drink their kool aid. I remember some of these players claiming they were working harder and staying focused last year. I remember all the Richt apologist defending the dropping of two adays and then watching this team getting shreaded by a freshman running back at South Carolina. Our players had their hands on their hips midway through the second qtr. Carolina players even commented how the Georgia players were tired and seemed out of shape. Like Fran said "UGA is in BIG BIG trouble." Anon # 3.1

Mamby Pamby Fan said...

Make your point dude but don't be stupid. Lattimore was first team all sec. It wasn't like he flopped every other game. There's enough problems for the anti UGA crowd to jump on, you don't have to made idiot points.

Anonymous said...

Dowtin had 10 TACKLES (6 solo tackles & 4 assists) against Florida. Now he's transferred. Hardly a cancer, he was the best big time player Georgia had coming back at LB.

Christian Robinson had 2 tackles against Florida.

Seems some guys shouldn't be pointing fingers, but accepting blame.

Anonymous said...

Aaron Murray talking about his teammates being the cancer? Murray had 4 turnovers against Florida.

Florida is our biggest game of the year.

Easy to talk about not being a cnacer, harder to do it when it counts.

Anonymous said...

Christian Robinson played a great game against Louisiana Lafayette, had 4 tackles, and a sack.

Anonymous said...

Murray had his best game against Louisiana Lafayette, threw for 3 touchdowns, ran for another. Completed 65% of his passes.

Anonymous said...


The 2 websites you listed are the hardest to read on the web. Complete chaos. Seth's is the best. If you don't like Seth's blog, leave. Blutarsky's blog (it's named after John Belushi) uses r rated language that would make any decent person blush. Again, if you like that kind of language, head over there. We prefer Seth's blog, Seth interviews these guys firsthand, and it's a cleaner place to discuss Georgia related athletics.

Anonymous said...

@ Mamby Pamby Fan you big oaf.... Sure Mr. Latimore is a good back. The point is UGA was spent by the second Qtr. Go back and dial it up in your pea brain. I anit anti UGA I just just expect better than you LOSER! Anon # 3.1

Anonymous said...

I think most of the players that had off games, that led to losses, are still on the team.

Murray's 2 worst performances, Florida's 4 to game, and UCF's 3 TO game, both led to losses. Ealey's 2 fumbles against SC & MSU, King's fumble against Colorado.

All 4 are still on the team.

11-2 would have been a lot nicer than 6-7 without those 5 losses and 9 turnovers from 2 players.

But, the downfall of last season, at least the 5 losses mentioned above, all those 3 guys, Murray, Ealey and King, are still on the team.

Anonymous said...

We've never lost a game when Ealey gets 25 carries. 100% W's. Ealey's the biggest winner we have. When we put the game on Ealey's back, Ealey wins the games. Every time.

Anonymous said...

Murray's sack to end the Arkansas & UCF games were bad. Remember guys, Murray, which led to more losses than anyone on the team, losses against Florida, UCF, and Arkansas (that sack at the end of the game--only needed 20 yards to kick a field goal), is still on the team.

Ealey, whose 2 goalline fumbles led to 2 losses against Mississippi State and South Carolina, is still on the team.

Caleb King is still on the team, whose red zone fumble against Colorado, lost that game.

Those 5 losses, don't think any of the current players should be blaming these 5 losses on players that arn't on the team. These 5 losses were just days when Ealey, King, and Murray, couldn't get it done.

Anonymous said...

Actually, it's 6 losses:

3 Losses-Murray's 3 bad games
2 Losses-Ealey's 2 bad games
(MSU and SC)
1 Loss-King's 1 bad game.

6 losses came from 3 guys, still on the team.

Cancers are out? Really?

Joeski said...

Apparently, the idiots are out in full force this weekend.

Murray lost to winning teams... uh, DUH. Winning teams are good teams. You think a guy going through his first season in the SEC is going to be lights out every game?

Dotwin had more tackles than Robinson against UF. Funny, do you know what caused him to be suspended for the bowl game? Because that might have something to do with his decision to transfer.

Nick Williams had the most tackles in the G-Day game... he tied with (guess who) Christian Robinson.

I particularly crack up at the guy who says 'Mettenber' transfered because the coaches played favorites.

Look, everyone is entitled to their opinion, but make sure it is an educated opinion. I doubt many of you anonymous posters even played football at higher than the peewee level, if even that. Also, you're not privy to what goes on inside that locker room, so stop with all the speculative crap. You're just making things up.

For the record, I don't care for the cancer stuff either-- you handle that in-house. And yes, we've heard it before about how the team is bonding. Take it for what it's worth.

But for God's sake, quit whining. You guys come across such immature spoiled brats. If you're so unhappy with the team that you cannot ever make a positive comment, go find yourself a new team to pull for, because life is to damn short to willingly embrace something that apparently causes you such misery.

Joeski said...

Oh and two more things:
1) You guys I'm sure were among the many that complained about Willie's defense, and Richt addressed that concern. You guys complaining about the condition? Did you just totally forget that he's addressed that as well?

and 2) I have bad news for those who think this is Richt's do-or-die season: the recruiting class probably changed that. As long as McGarrity sees improvement in the team's performance, I think Richt could get away with another 6-7 season on the grounds that they'll contribute more in their Sophomore seasons.

The Great Vladdy said...

anon 8:17/Douchebag - Robinson 47 tackles/13 games - ex: Boykin 46 tackles/13 games. LB with only 47 tackles (solo and assisted) for the year? Like I said, did he even play? It appears he did....picking daisys in the defensive backfield.

Back to my PBR & doublewide.

Mamby Pamby Fan said...

@anon 2:24. I'm not arguing that they were out of shape, but you sound like a moron when you mention that "freshman running back" like we should have held him to 30 yards. He averaged .1 more yards that game than he did the entire season. So if you're gonna make a point, make it. Just don't throw out the implication that we let scrubs run us up and down the field.

Anonymous said...

Cancer is gone?

Really funny.

Last time I checked, the 2 guys who caused 5 losses last year are still front & center on this team (Murray & Ealey).

Anonymous said...

Joeski... here's an educated opinion. 6 - 7 is not getting it done at UGA as well as a bowl loss to Mickey Mouse U. Sure doesnt take a rocket scientist to figure that out. You sir have been into the kool aid with Mamby Pamby fan. You must really be a snob from Tech.

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah...another thing for fans telling other fans to pull for another team when they don't like criticism is just a cop out. Man up like our football team needs to do.

chumpluck said...

Questioning players' manhood while typing an anonymous comment. Good job citizen!

Trey said...

I love all of these commenters that have never spent a minute inside a football lockerroom. Granted, all I coach is middle school football but I'd venture to say I know a lot more about attitude and work ethic than most of these clowns posting on here.

All of these "cancers" everyone is talking about, you don't know anything. Mett made his choices and got kicked off the team, rightfully so. Downtin was more or less forced out because of his off the field troubles. Yes, nick Williams was not happy with his situation, as with Logan gray.

A good friend of mine is a grad assistant and he personally told me four months ago that ealey was a cancer. Exact quote. Said his attitude and work ethic were terrible.

Please just stop talking about stuff you anon posters know nothing about. Better to let people assume you are a fool than to open your mouth and remove all doubt.

And to the idiot that brought up cam newton, please just find another blog. Newton did not transfer because he wasn't starting, he got kicked off because he was cheating in class and stealing stuff. Now auburn I'd under investigation. Great comment genius.

Trey said...

And to say that players like Murray are a cancer because they didn't have the game of their life against uf is completely absurd. I don't think anyone on this team has more heart than Aaron Murray. As Seth posted a few days ago, he went back and watched every second of every game and every incomplete pass he threw. Nobody has more heart than that kid. I am honestly ashamed to call myself a georgia fan and be associated with these clowns. Kid was a freshman. Y'all should be ashamed.

Trey said...

And unlike most of these fools, I graduated from Uga. Graduated in December. I had several classes with a lot of these guys. Christian Robinson is one of the best guys I've ever met. This is just ridiculous. I'm sorry for ranting guys but thus just got to me. Completely unacceptable.

Anonymous said...

Trey... welcome to the Mamby Pamby fan club. Now heres your kool aid..

Trey said...

If by mamby Pamby fan club, you mean making educated posts, then I guess I am guilty. You guys are throning individual players under the bus for certain losses. That is crap. There are 22 young men on the football field that can all take dome blame in every one of the losses, as well as a handful of coaches. That is ridiculous. It's s team sport. You guys are the reason people hate Georgia fans.

Anonymous said...

If Murray and Robinson are going to go around giving interviews where they call teammates cancers, yes, they'll be closely scrutinized, deservingly so, as both have never done anything great as a Bulldog so far. Far game if the boys are going to keep blaming teammates for their own mistakes.

Anonymous said...


What school do you coach for? Which friend is a grad assistant?

Anonymous said...

Murray & Robinson threw last year's teammates under the bus in the interview, what's different about doing it on a blog?

Trey said...

Neither one of those kids have ever singled anybody out. And yeah, only one other freshman in the history of the sec has ever passed for more yards than Murray. Do your homework man. And if you go back and watch the tape of the ark game, ealey blantsntly missing a block directly led to the sack. Didn't help that all four receivers ran a fly. Wouldn't expect someone like you to know too much about the X's and O's. Not tryin to call anyone out, just tryin to say, don't talk about things you don't know much about. Makes you look foolish.

Anonymous said...

To not say Aaron Murray's 4 to's against Florida and 3 to's against Colorado didn't lose those games, Murray's late game sack against Ark, is beyond irrational. Same for Ealey's 2 goalline fumbles, and King's late game fumble against Colorado. About 10 plays made the difference between going 11-2, and 6-7.

Trey said...

I coached at oconne county. And I'm not gonna name names but my source was a grad assistsnt who is a good friend of mine. That was just his opinion that I shared.

Anonymous said...

Murray said teammates were complaining, Robinson said some teammates were cancerous. Both blamed teammates for the 6-7 season.

Anonymous said...

75% of Murray's td's came against losing teams. Murray ranks in the middle of the SEC against winnign teams, he's average. Do your homework man. He ain't all that.

Trey said...

@anon 7:55,
My point is you can't blame a single player for a loss or credit a single player for a win. It would be easy to blame Caleb for the Colorado loss, but at the same time, uga shouldn't have been down in the forth quarter in the first place. You just can't rationally do that. It's a team effort. Yeah, Murray played like a freshman against Florida. He was a freshman, it was bound to happen. You have obviously never spent any time on or around a football team.

Anonymous said...

Dowtin had a whale of a game, 10 tackles, against Florida. Williams led the teasm in tackles on G-Day.
Mettenberger had a whale of a G=Day was the #1 performer on G-Day and had an amazing season at JUCO leading his team to the National Championship. Ealey has never lost a game where the coaches put the ball in his hands 25x and averages more yards per carry than Herschel Walker. Logan Gray was one of the best teammates for 4 years, willing to fair catch punts & catch passes, even though he's an Elite 11 QB.

None of those 5 guys were cancers.

Anonymous said...

Why is it not fair game to blame Murray & Robinson for losses, since both performed miserably in the Florida game, and blamed teammates for the 6-7 season?

Trey said...

The team was average! Murray was one of the single bright spots in the team last season. Saying that guys were complaining and that some had cancerous attitudes is far from singling anyone out or blaming losses on anyone. Far less worse than what you guys are doing right now.

Look, I'm just as unhappy about a 6-7 season as anyone. My point is, you can't single out individual players and blame a loss on any one player. There are 21 other guys on the field. These guys are amateur athletes that are playing this game because they love it.

Obviously there is no talking sense into you guys. You are right, uga is going down the crapper. So go find a new team and a new blog. Leave us low-lifes that actually know the game alone.

Anonymous said...

Anyone who says Murray didn't cause the loss to Florida is out of touch. 4 to's. Same for UCF game, Murray had 3 to's. Just had 2bad games there, it happens, it was his fault. Caleb's fumbles, Ealey's 2 fumbles, those 10 plays changed the season and led to 5 losses.

Ealey won the Kentucky game, and Murray won the Tenn game, and Caleb won the Tech game.

But each had 1-2 bad games too.

Just like Chris Webber calling the timeout. Sometimes, you make a bad play that costs the game.

Trey said...

To the idiot anon,
Uga has three scrimmages exactly the same as gday. Murray beat the pants off mett in everyone except gday. But meet couldn't keep his hands out if girls skirts. He had to go. Downtin beat the he'll out of some guy in Maryland. He had to go. Are you now blaming Richt for doing the right thing?

Anonymous said...

All Murray & Robinson had to do was shine the spotlight on themselves as the problem, like White & Dobbs did. Instead, they chose to try and re-write history and blame their teammates for the 6-7 season.

Anonymous said...

Mettenberger beat the living stuffing out of Murray over th 3 Spring games.

Get a clue.

Anonymous said...

Dowtin was never charged, all accusations were dropped.

Richt benched him in the Bowl game anyways, and Dowtin then transferred.

Anonymous said...

Mettenberger drank for the first time in his life, had a bad night, and got 80 hours of community service and a $2000 fine. So minor in Saban & Miles eyes, both coaches offered Mett a scholly.

Mettenberger then went out and led his team to a National Championship, after dominating Murray on G-Day, proving he was not why Georgia went 6-7.

Trey said...

Haha. Whatever man. You are ridiculous. If we suck so bad, and yes I can say we because unlike you I attended and graduated from the university of Georgia, go find a new team. We really don't care to hear your b!tching.

Anonymous said...

Nick Williams was an honor student who led the team in tackles on G-Day, and had a better game against Florida than Robinson did (6 tackles vs. 2).

Trey said...

If you think mett drank for the first time in his life, you truly are a fool. He got five charges including sexual assault. Richt did what he had to do. And please act like this is the first time a kid gets kicked out of one school and another one offers him a scholarship. Cam newton ring a bell. I can't believe I'm even dignifying your ignorant comments with responses.

Anonymous said...

So the judge ruled 80 hours and a $2000 fine, Saban & Miles both offered schollys, are all wrong about Mettenberger, and you are right about Mettenberger.

Again, a kid who's offered a scholly by 2 National Championship coaches don't sound like a cancer to me.

Anonymous said...

Mett's dad said it was the first time Mett drank. And Mett's high school caoch never had a single problem with Mett.

Far from a cancer.

Trey said...

I never said mett was a cancer. I said he made some bad decisions and Richts hands were tied. You think Richt wanted to do that? Wouldn't expect you to know this but metts mom works in the athletic department. Richt did what he had to do. There are clearly no hard feelings, mett has been back several times since. Kids deserve second chances, that's why he was offered. This is not an uncommon practice, once again, see cam newton

Anonymous said...

All charges against Dowtin were dropped, most were dropped against Mettenberger, Williams was an honor student, if Ealey's as bad as some say, Richt would have kicked Ealey off. Logan Gray was a model teammate.

I'm not buying Murray & Robinson's thing if they meant any of these 5 guys.

yoseph said...

Not to get in the middle of this farce of a comment section but Mett got popped for sexual battery. Bam. Off the team. Even if unquestioned leaders of the past like Green or Shockley pled guilty to sexual battery, I hope they'd have gotten kicked off the team too. It doesn't matter how minor the gossip tells us it was, he pled guilty to sexual battery.

Anonymous said...

I agree with you guys, I'm going with the Judge, Saban & Miles, they know a lot more about whether a player is a cancer than a blogger. $2000 fine, Judge didn't think it was a big deal. Neither did Saban & Miles.

Anonymous said...

Mettenberger wiped Murray off the field over three Spring games, and had a heck of a season at Butler, the guy's a leader, no doubt. Murray led his team to a 6-7 season. Who's the cancer?

Anonymous said...

I hate mamby pamby fans. They are the real cancers in our fan base. They never demand better when then talent is there but continue to be afraid to speak out to fire a bunch of clowns. While Richt has been at UGA we have watched Bama ,Auburn win a MNC,Florida,LSU win two MNC's while South Carolina won the SEC East last year. These fans need to go and support their local little league where the score doesnt count.

Anonymous said...

You guys are being overly kind to attribute ONLY 3 losses to Aaron Murray. Sure, he was the main cause for the losses to Florida with the 4 turnovers, and UCF, with the 3 turnovers, and Arkansas, but you also need to add in AT LEAST South Carolina & Miss St. Murray couldn't complete any deep balls in those 2 games ( 1 deep pass completion in these 2 games) so team's brought 8 in the box jamming the run. South Carolina & Miss St dared Murray to beat them, and he couldn't.

So I'd put 5 losses SQUARLEY on Aaron Murray.

1) He needs to stop blaming teammates. He led to 5 losses.

2) Be nice if he figured out why he figured out how to score more points against teams like UCF, SC & MSU.

3) Be nice if he worked on his decision making so he didn't throw 10 interceptions and fumble 5 times like he did last season.

4) Be nice if he learned how to throw the ball away at the end of games instead of taking sacks.

5) Be nice if Murray learned how to complete more deep passes against teams with weak pass defenses.

6) Be nice if Murray worked on not losing composure against ranked teams in key situations like 3rd down, 4th quarter, red zone, 3rd & 10+.

Anonymous said...

Next time Murray needs to answer the "is all the cancer gone" question with:

The last thing I'm going to do is blame my teammates for last seasons lossses. I made more than my share of mistakes last season. I'm too busy working on all the things I need to improve that led to losses. I have so many things I'm working on: my footwork, my decision making, my compsure in key situations, holding on to the ball too long, so many things. As the QB, I take full responsibility for the 6-7 season. The only person I can control is Aaron Murray, so that's the only person I'm criticisizing.

Anonymous said...

Murray should ask the coaches for a video of his WORST 25 plays. Then study that.

Anonymous said...

BuLLLLLLLLLdawg's obsession with Aaron Murray is sad. Can't think of any other word than that. And it makes this blog virtually unreadable, despite solid work from Emerson. Also:

"Mettenberger drank for the first time in his life, had a bad night"

Oh brother.

Anonymous said...

Obvious, some of the bloggers are not fans. No fan likes 6-7. No fan thinks Murray did a great job last year. No fan like sit when the QB blames teammates for the 6-7 LOST SEASON. Must be a Florida fan, hoping we get ok with being bad.

Anonymous said...

Murray wasn't the only one that cost us games. Yes, Murray cost us 3 games, Ealey cost us 2 games, Caleb cost us the 6th loss. Auburn, no one player made extremely boneheaded plays.

Some guys are winners, some arn't.

Lemay's a winner. So we're in good shape.

Anonymous said...

You can only hope the team gets some new leaders who accept blame, instead of pointing at teammates.

Lemay, Mason, Crowell, Drew, need to real leadership this season.

Anonymous said...

Future's bright with Lemay & Crowell & Drew, just hope they get a chance to lead, before Richt loses his job.

Murray & Robsinson are blamers. Led team to a 6-7 record. Couldn't find enough chemistry to win against a single ranked team.

Winners don't blame teammates.

Seth Emerson said...

I'm disabling comments from this post. As I've said before, I don't have time to play forum moderator, but this is ridiculous.