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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Figgins not waiting for his number anymore

One of the more interesting stories in spring practice is tight end-turned-fullback Bruce Figgins. Figgins, head coach Mark Richt and several of his teammates discussed his move in a story, which has just been posted on A quick tease:
ATHENS -- It’s the question everyone has been asking Bruce Figgins since the move became official: Is he going to switch his jersey now?

That number 89 works great for a tight end. But at fullback? Figgins, however, has held firm: No matter how weird it looks, he’ll line up in the backfield with a number not usually associated with a back.

“Everybody’s been asking me if I want 40-this or 40-that. But no, I’ve had this number too long,” Figgins said. “My momma and grandma and granddaddy, everybody in my family has 89 jerseys made.”

Read the whole story here.


Dereted said...

Good article, but the TD last year vs. GT was actually his second touchdown of the year. He scored one against Idaho State.

Anonymous said...

Bruce Figgins is this year's Logan Gray. Richt wants to keep him from transferring, in case his TE's get injured, so he promises him more playing time at a new position. Remember when Logan moved from QB to WR after thinking about transferring? Same junk here. I doubt he'll start at FB, I'll even more doubt he'll catch more than 12passes coming out of the backfiled, Gray didn't, even though Gray was promised he would be used a lot.

In the article, Figgins talked about how he didn't get many reps at TE, and then White says the same thing about White doesn't get many reps at TE. You can sense some guys are frustrated with not getting reps, enough to think about transferring.

MT said...

Figgins seems smart enough to see the end-result if he catches on at FB.

Figgins might not 'start', depending on his ability to run w/ the ball, but he should definitely be able to pick up on edge rushers.

Look around the NFL, the H-Back is a big opportunity. Chris Cooley is the model Figgins will try to follow, and Coach O will especially try to sell Figgins on modeling his career after.

Anonymous said...

Figgins will start at fullback

Anonymous said...

Who really cares about jersey numbers? Its time to Win some championships and start beating the Gators.

bigeasydawg said...

Seth, the anonymous has spoken. All articles are henceforth to be about nothing but Georgia winning national titles and/or beating Florida. Writing only about these subjects will keep this blog interesting and exciting.

Anonymous said...

@Anon 9:55

We're stacked at TE. You play this like it's a bad thing.

PTC DAWG said...

I think Figgins flourishes in this role.

GATA Figgy!

Anonymous said...

Figgins will be the most athletic FB UGA has ever put on the field - nothing but good will come from this.

Ginny said...

Figgins was actually pretty impressive before he got injured. I remember putting him on my list of "potential breakout players" two years ago.

Anonymous said...

Figgins only used on 9 passes in 3 seasons.

90% of players owuld have transferred, must not good enough to start at any school.

Anonymous said...

You guys remember last year's article about how Richt was gonna use the TE's so much in 2010?

Kind of funny looking back.

Richt didn't deliver on what he promised, for sure.

Here's last year's annual article about how Georgia will use TE's more, I liked this year's article better, but Fletcher did a nice job on last season's "Wer'll use TE's a lot more" annual article:

By the way, they threw less passes to TE's in 2010 than 2009.

BicDawg said...

anon 1:13. Did you point that out to Coach Richt while you were emptying the trashcan in his office? You are wired in man. Keep it up and you will be promoted for sure.

Anonymous said...

anon 1:13

great post. so funny the way you presented it. so true, richt's just re-treading last year's story about how much more he gonna use them te's. hilarious. 29 passes in 2010.