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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

UGA in SEC tourney: Stll lots of possibilities

The SEC East seeding picture remains a confused jumble. Near as I can figure, Georgia could still finish anywhere from second to fifth, and a win tonight against LSU wouldn’t change that.

Here are the current standings, leaving out first and sixth place, which have been decided:

TEAM ……. W-L …. Div.
Kentucky …... 9-6 ……. 6-3
Vanderbilt … 9-6 …….. 4-5
Georgia …….. 8-6 …….. 4-6
Tennessee …. 7-7 ………. 4-4

Here’s the key fact for Georgia: It will lose any tiebreaker, thanks to division record and being swept by Vanderbilt. (Head-to-head is first, followed by division record. If Tennessee and Georgia tie, the Vols will have won at least one more division game to clinch that tiebreaker.)

So the Bulldogs need to finish outright ahead of anybody in order to have a higher seed. And it can still finish second if:

- Georgia beats LSU and Alabama.
- Vanderbilt loses at home to Florida and Kentucky loses at Tennessee.

Boom. Georgia gets the first-round bye in that scenario.

But the Bulldogs can also finish fifth, even if they beat LSU. If they follow that up by losing to Alabama, and Tennessee wins out (beating South Carolina and Kentucky), then … boom … a 9-7 Georgia team will have the fifth seed.


Matt H. said...

I think a 4 seed is actually the Dawgs best shot to go deep in the tournament... That way they avoid Florida for the longest time (in my opinion far and away the best SEC team). 1st round would be probably be LSU, Second round Bama, Third round probably Vandy. All winnable games. By that time Florida could have had to play Tennessee and Kentucky. Lots to play out, but that's what I see as most likely.

Anonymous said...

Yes lots of possibilities left 1 Dawgs could lose the rest of regular season games but win the SEC tourney. Then win all their games in the big Dance and voila NCAA Champs ! Same could happen with our sorry baseball team and then I cant wait for CMR to win it all next year in football. Many many posibilities !

Anonymous said...

Seth, Thanks for the basketball coverage. Your in game blogs are appreciated- especially if you post something that I didn't already know by watching TV. I'm too old for tweeter. During the game please lay off the twit and blog mo.

PTC DAWG said...

Good info.

Don't feed the GT Trolls.

#1 GT Fan said...

Listen up, I'm tired of all the hate for Georgia Tech! It's upsetting! I'm an unattractive, anti-social, homosexual male who loves science fiction novels and cosplay, and I think GT is just the greatest! To hell with your parties and attractive co-eds!

Anonymous said...

Anon 1004 when he tweets it post it on right side of the website