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Monday, March 28, 2011

Evaluating the UT, GT hires, and a fantasy baseball question

It's a quiet, cloudy, cold day in Athens today. Which stinks. As Georgia offensive lineman Kolton Houston tweeted today: "Spring, we are to old to be playing hide n seek. So you can come out of hiding any time you want."

Well said.

A few quick hits as I get over a bout with the flu, and wait for Georgia to resume spring practice on Tuesday:

- As you probably saw, the Georgia women's basketball team's season ended on Sunday with a 79-38 loss to Texas A&M in the Sweet 16 of the NCAA tournament. That score is correct, by the way.

Not a great way for Andy Landers' team to wrap up, but hey, it's still the Sweet 16.

- In the past 24 hours, a couple men's basketball hires have been made that have a direct impact on Georgia. Tennessee has tapped Cuonzo Martin, formerly of Missouri State, and Georgia Tech has hired Brian Gregory away from Dayton.

They're similar hires in the sense that both Martin and Dayton coached teams that didn't make this year's NCAAs, but are considered solid mid-major programs. Martin, who was the second banana on the Glenn Robinson-led Purdue teams of the early 1990s, became a hot name this year. Gregory's name has been thrown around for a few openings the past few years.

My impression is that neither hire is a home run, nor is either a swing-and-a-miss. Gregory is a solid coach with a good reputation. Martin strikes me as having more coaching upside - if there is such a thing - who should be able to keep Tennessee as a destination for top recruits. The question is whether he'll be able to coach it up.

But it's a good hire for the Vols when you take into account the program's situation, and the uncertainty over the pending NCAA penalties.

As for Georgia Tech, the fact that it had to "settle" for Gregory and couldn't nab a bigger name coach may speak for the program's slip, or finances. (The Paul Hewitt buyout cost a ton.) But Georgia Tech is probably just seeking to get back to relevance. We'll see. You could certainly argue that Georgia has surpassed its in-state rival in basketball, but that's only within the context of this season. Mark Fox does appear to have the program on the right track, however.

- Finally, a personal note: My fantasy baseball draft is tonight, and I still don't have a good team name. So if anybody has any suggestions, fire away. Someone suggested my fantasy football name last year - the Favre Dollar Footlongs - for which I was eternally grateful. So maybe we can strike gold twice.


Anonymous said...

Honey Nut Ichiros!

Anonymous said...

Buster Posey Wide Open

bigeasydawg said...

Anon ball run
the Bloggy Bottom Boys

Anonymous said...

Radioactive Toyotas

Anonymous said...

The Blogmen

Anonymous said...

The Tennessee Violations

Anonymous said...

Horny Tigers

David not Hale said...

Anon @3:15

Too soon.

Anonymous said...

Cuban raft riders

Anonymous said...

Newton's Six Figures

Anonymous said...

Gaddafi's Crazy Old Man 'Fro

Anonymous said...

Cunning Linguists

Carey said...

The Charros (Kenny Powers' mexican baseball team in Eastbound & Down)

Anonymous said...

Pitches Ain't Hit

Watch that Sac Fly

Anonymous said...

If going the movie route, you'd have to go with Chico's Bail Bonds.

Anonymous said...

Sons of Pitches
Good Wood
Ball Busters

Sophomoric, I know... but it's all I got.

Michael said...

The Blog Men

Annoying Anonymous Assholes (Triple A if you have to keep it sfw)

Anonymous said...

I post under anon but I will second triple a

Anonymous said...

Master Batters

NRBQ said...

Emerson Big'uns

(w/ punctuation options)

Seth Emerson said...

Three hours till the draft. Keep them coming. Also, should have said, I'm limited to 20 characters.

Which stinks, because I wanted to go with:

"What would David DeJesus do?"

NCT said...

You still can, Seth: WWDDeJD? Question mark included.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

The Niekrophiliacs

Anonymous said...

Seth Bagwell

Anonymous said...

The Manscapers

Anonymous said...

Two suggestions
(sycophantic) GATA

Anonymous said...

Sid Bream Team

or just

Bream Team

NRBQ said...

C'mon, Seth.

Emerson Big 'uns = Them are some big ones.

That's comedy gold!

Seth Emerson said...

Yeah, it's good stuff, and I'm thinking about it. But right now "Honey Nut Ichiros" is the leader in the clubhouse.

Chris said...

Yanks A-Rod

Eric said...

Backup Catcher

Anonymous said...

The MD Mud Blogs

Crab cakes and Football!

Eric said...

Chipper's Strippers
Foul Balls
Fly Balls
Jeter's Peters
Infield Fly
Willie Hays Mays
Ricky Wild Thing Vaughn
Pedro Serrano
Hot Dawgs
7th Inning Stench

Anonymous said...

Pitching Rubber
Resin Bags
Warning Track
Albert Poo Holes
Hit and Run
Budweiser Selig
McGwire's Forearms

PTC DAWG said...

Tater Mashers

yup said...

And That Was The First Time I Got Herpes

NRBQ said...

Gotta get your name in there, Seth.

Fruit Loops
Hits & Misses
Total Losers
Bad Dudes
Sheen Ballers

Anonymous said...

A-Rod in the Pujols

Anonymous said...

Off Constantly,

So when you lose the other guy says, "I beat Off Constantly!"

Paul said...


Apologies to you Seth...

DRO said...

Bonds' Jail Bonds

Anonymous said...

Don't say anythingthing that disagree with Seth or he'll shut down comments.

He's sensitive and doesn't take to differing opinions very well.

Anonymous said...

UT Hire?

How is that relevant to a Bulldog Blog?

Anonymous said...

"which stinks".

That was a sentance.

Without a reference?

Poor grammar Seth.

you can do.

better than this.

Hard to read.

your articles when.

the grammar is.

so bad.

Anonymous said...

This blog is sinking like the Titanic and the UGA football program. David Hale where are you?

Anonymous said...

Another blog about Crowell today on ESPN and Murray.

Anonymous said...

Reggie Ball

Anonymous said...

What did you end up picking?