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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Greetings from the Butts-Mehre Building

We're a week away from the first spring football practice - and 19 days away from the second one - but Georgia is holding some pre-spring media interviews today.

So of course we'll ask Mark Richt whether he expects Trey Thompkins to play at Alabama, Aaron Murray will be quizzed on the status of his amputated right leg and Christian Robinson will discuss how many people Joe Tereshinski has killed since January.

No seriously, the above people are supposed to be available, along with Todd Grantham and a couple other players. We'll have updates when we get a chance.

A few other nuggets:

- Freshman quarterback Christian LeMay is wearing No. 16 according to the roster, while freshman receiver Chris Conley is wearing 31.

- From what I can tell, there are no surprise additions or subtractions on the official roster. The announced transfers (Logan Gray, Nick Williams, Marcus Dowtin) are gone, Washaun Ealey is still on the roster after his reinstatement and Justin Anderson is still listed at nose guard.


David said...

while freshman receiver is wearing 31 - who?

Lucas said...

Christian Conley

Anonymous said...

My daughter wants to know if Christian Robinson is still nicknamed Shemar?

Anonymous said...

Hey Seth next time you run into AD can you ask him if they are working on new uga commercial. I was watching basketball game on tv and they are still running commercial welcoming new uga after he has died. Think it is pretty tasteless and makes university look bad. Well thanks for time enjoy your blog!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous - You should email McGarity, he replied to my email.