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Sunday, March 27, 2011

A defensive personnel note

Jeremy Longo, a reserve defensive end, is ending his career because of knee injuries, according to UGA. The decision was reached after consulting with doctors and head coach Mark Richt.

Longo, a redshirt junior, plans to stay around the team as a volunteer coach, assistant defensive coordinator Todd Grantham.

The Fort Lauderdale, Fla., native appeared in four games last year, mostly on special teams. He played in three games as a redshirt freshman in 2009.

The situation is similar to Quintin Banks last year. Banks, a senior, retired because of chronic injuries but stayed around the team as a volunteer assistant.

(Note: UGA has confirmed the news, which was originally attributed to a source, so I've amended the first paragraph to reflect that.)


Anonymous said...

Kinda ironic with the Donjoy knee brace advertisement below....just saying. Ive always wondered why UGA seems to have more than its share of injuries over the last few years as well. Anon # 3.1

Anonymous said...

A different player should wear Longo's jersey each game. (sarcasm - I thought that was silly last year).

That said, I feel bad for the kid and wish him luck. UGA has had some really bad luck with injuries over the past few years

Anonymous said...

If you knew jack about Q or his career battle with injuries it might not seem so silly.

shrylit. said...

Everybody loved Quintin and hated it for the kid.

You're dumb, anon 140.

Shaking My Head said...

Anon 1:40 explain to us how its silly for fellow seniors to rep their brother (Q Banks) by wearing his number last year when he had to hang it up. I'm interested to hear your high and mighty analysis. You are typ. of some posters here trying so hard to be cute you come off as a JA and in fact don't know what you are talking about. Grow up buddy.

Anonymous said...

Longo? Never heard of the kid. Hopefully new S & C program will do more to prevent these kind of injuries. So sad to see it.

Anonymous said...

Anon 140 Educate yourself about the situation before you pop off and look like an inconsiderate ass.

Anonymous said...

Hi Seth-

Are you intentionally avoiding doing some pieces on Crowell?

He was Georgia's #1 signing in the off-season, ESPN has him as Hesiman candidate.

If you get a break from stories on players who won't be playing next year, I'd like to see something about top recruits.

Anonymous said...

More info on CroWell todaY on ESPN: