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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

How Mark Richt and Aaron Murray spent their spring break

Last week was spring break at Georgia, which meant pretty much everyone got out of town, forgot their troubles, tried to avoid the limelight. Or maybe not.

Georgia head coach Mark Richt and his family spent a couple days in Jamaica, where ... well I'll let him tell it:

"I’m not lying to you: The first time we laid down our stake at the beach – laid it down – just barely, I hadn’t even sat down yet, I was just trying to get it aligned with the sun ..."

Richt spun around to mimic what he saw next:

"Two Gators are right (next) to where my chair was, right where I was looking," Richt said, smiling and shaking his head. "No one said a word, but I said, man, I’ve gotta go back to Honduras.”

It didn't stop there at the beach.

"I got a couple of these,” Richt said, making the Gator chomp. “But I had a lot of great Bulldogs barking. So it was good.”

The moral of the story for Richt?

"“I tell you what man, the SEC’s everywhere. They’re everywhere," he said.

Several of Richt's players were at the beach too. Starting quarterback Aaron Murray was among a contingent that went down to Florida, where Murray tried his first hand at a trick-shot video.

The result, posted here on YouTube, was not quite up to par, even Murray admits.

“I was the one who drilled the guy," Murray said, smiling. "Wes (Van Dyk, a walk-on teammate) was supposed to put it in slow motion so people could see it a little better. But yeah, it was a little failed first attempt. We might try a little over the summer.”

Because I'm a hard-hitting reporter who doesn't back down from the tough question, I followed up by asking what Murray could do to to rival the others going around the web.

“It’s kind of hard. There’s like three out there. I don’t know how they think of all this crazy stuff," he said. "I don’t know, you’ve gotta think of some crazy stuff if you wanna compete.”

Well, there's always summer vacation.


meansonny said...

Didn't Aaron Murray hit Israel Troupe in the noggin (knocking off his helmet) last season in 2-a-days.

His youtube video is going to look more like a 3 Stooges campaign.

Can someone please tell Aaron not to worry about trick shot videos. I heard the Connecticut kid is 3rd string.

Why would a fireball pitcher mess up his motion by trying to learn the slurveball?

Or why would a Georgia Tech QB mess up his option-pitch by trying to work on his skeleton drills over the summer.

You get the point. Don't mess with the things that won't make you better in a game.

Anonymous said...

Mark Richt has no one to blame but himself for the losses to Florida. He will lose to Muschamp next season as well. Lets face it we are not much better off making strides against Florida than Goof or Donnan.

Anonymous said...

Man, the other side of my split personality is a real downer.

TrboDawg said...

Now that was funny...

Anonymous said...

TrboDawg... why is a 2 - 8 record against Fla under Richt so comical to you? Loser!