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Saturday, March 5, 2011

Greetings from Tuscaloosa-stan

Tuscaloosa, Ala. So I only had my car put in a boot once last night. And not by the police.

I'll get to the basketball in a second, but seriously: How is it allowable under the law for a private bank to boot cars for parking in a (supposedly) private lot on a Friday night at 10 p.m.? Well apparently it's legal, at least here, but it shouldn't be. If yours truly is a bit cranky this morning, it's because he was up too late dealing with this hassle. Come Monday morning, there will be a Seth Emerson e-mail jihad against RBC Bank, you better believe me.

The good news is I have my car intact ... or at least I did early this morning. I'll see when I get to the hotel parking lot whether it was also legal for them to boot my car in the Courtyard Marriott parking lot because I have out-of-state tags, or am missing a hub-cap, or the town of Tuscaloosa just needs more money for another Bear Bryant statue.

Sorry, rant over.

I'm headed over to Coleman Coliseum, and will update you as soon as we know about Trey Thompkins' status. He's been dealing with a toenail injury. If for some reason it's not better and the foot needs to be put in a boot, well they apparently have plenty of those around here.


Matt Cheij said...

Well be sure not to park over at Athens Banner- Herald. Parked there at 11pm for an hour led to $100 cash to get the boot off.

Ed Kilgore said...

Once upon a time many years ago, I was in a bar in Washington and a sloppy drunk guy at the next table allowed as how he was the inventor of the boot (he was in DC testifying on something or other). It was originally designed for airplanes, to prevent theft; only later did the guy figure out the police market, and get crazy rich.

So maybe the laws still allow for private use to accomodate the original anti-theft purpose. In any event, it sucks.

Doug said...

Das Boot.

I found one on my car for parking in a shopping center next to lenox and walking over to lenox. The funny part is that I shopped at a store in said shopping center, bought something there, and had a receipt. Didn't matter because their sign said something about leaving the parking lot.

This is a very profitable scam.

Anonymous said...

Dang private property! Things will be so much better when the government takes over everything, huh Seth? You and Senator make great Comrades.