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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

For your football fix ...

.. Athlon Magazine is putting together its preseason issue, which will include a preseason All-SEC team, so Athlon asked me to "nominate" some Georgia players for its first-, second- and third-teams.

Now granted, I answered without breaking down the other 11 teams. But here's what I sent in:

First-team worthy
QB Aaron Murray (maybe a stretch, but arguably best returning QB, better than Garcia)
T Cordy Glenn
TE Orson Charles
K Blair Walsh
P Drew Butler

Second-team worthy
T Trinton Sturdivant
C Ben Jones
CB Brandon Boykin

Third-team worthy
ILB Christian Robinson
WR Tavarres King
NT John Jenkins
OLB Jarvis Jones
S Bacarri Rambo
DE DeAngelo Tyson

Agree? Disagree? And for the record, I didn't list Isaiah Crowell because I didn't need to break down the rest of the league to know that in a league with Marcus Lattimore, Michael Dyer and others it would be a stretch to crown him right away.


Ginny said...

The only thing that sticks out to me from this list is the obvious lack of running backs. Sigh.

Anonymous said...

Not sure if you can make a case for John Jenkins just yet. You may end up being right, but it could be tough to argue that point.

SDawg said...

I think Boykin may be a first teamer.

NCDawg said...

Surprised to see 2 people on the third team who have never seen a snap in the SEC. I plan to be at the Boise State came. We will soon see if Mr. Jenkins and a new S&C coach were the missing pieces.

Here's to the Hoop Dawgs having a winning weekend in Charlotte.

Anonymous said...

Odd to me that rambo makes this list. Don't recall him standing out at all last year.

Anonymous said...

Unless T. King bulks up our midget QB wont have anyone to throw to. Lets face it T. King is a bean pole. Marlon Brown has been a bust so farand hasnt lived up to the much ballyhooed hype. This team just lacks in a lot of areas.

clee said...

Seth may be going out on a limb by naming Jenkins and Jones, but don't forget that Cam Newton hadn't taken an SEC snap until last year either. I bet his name didn't get mentioned for many of these preseason awards.

IveyLeaguer said...

All good, Seth, except for Robinson and Rambo.

Robinson has a good head on him, but the question is whether he has the physicality to be good in this League. He hasn't shown that yet. In fact, he was blocked all over the field last year, compounding the problem of our weak middle.

Rambo's head is his primary problem. He's been terrible overall, though he improved some toward the end of the year. Missed assignments, bad angles, being late to the gaps, etc., are Rambo trademarks.

Just because the coaches don't throw him under the bus shouldn't fool anybody. After all, we don't have anybody else. So we all have to pull for him. But All-SEC, even 3rd team? No way.

Like Joe T. said, the film doesn't lie.

UGA69Dawg said...

Seth you have developed a devoted following of malcontents and Chicken Little's. See how different UGA is from your former beat. The optimism has been sucked right out of us.

Anonymous said...

Seth your are correct.... Crowell aint no Latimore.

Anonymous said...

Hopefully when the Dawgs play South Carolina this year the D wont have their hands on their hips midway through the second Qtr. Hope they will be in better shape.

Anonymous said...


Putting Murray 1st team is optimistic at least, delusional at best. What about Ark Tyler, SC Garcia, Mettenberger from LSU will be 1st team.

Ealey's been UGA's #1 rusher last 2seasons and SEC player of the week quite a few times.

Figgins at FB might turn out a 1st teamer SEC'r. As will Tavarres King.

Kicker + Punter. Center + tackles.

Jenkins, Washington, Jones.

jm said...

I would switch Study and Glenn's spots.

And though I think its rightful to only have him at a 3rd team spot pre-season because he hasn't played, I will not be surprised at all if Jones winds up 1st team and is easily our best defensive player this next year.

Anonymous said...

Murray better than Garcia? Whats that stuff you smoking? Murray has yet to beat a team with a winning record.

Anonymous said...

I actually think Murray has a very good case to be first team. Only Garcia has as good a case, but South Carolina doesn't rely on him like UGA does Murray.

I also think Ben Jones has a shot at first team. I don't know other SEC centers though. I also don't think Jenkins should get a nod, no more than Brantley deserved votes last year. We don't know what we have until they are on the field.

Chris said...

Completely agree with Murray. Not much experience at the qb position in SEC and Murray is the best of the Returning lot. Garcia isn't even the clear cut starter on his own team and had Lattimore to take the pressure off last year where Murray had no one. Kid is a player.

Anonymous said...

Enough with the football, it's prime basketball season.

meansonny said...

Thanks, Seth, for the football fix.

I'm the biggest Cordy Glenn fan. I'd think of him as an easy 1st teamer... but he's moving to a new position. I don't know if he has the quickness and footwork to protect the edge rusher. He's been guard for 2 seasons and excelled. I hope he's solid, but I'm not ballsy enough to label him as "consistent" which is what we were lacking last season at every OL position but his. I'm behind him 100%, though.

If Aaron Murray is a first teamer, then you have to include by default Tavarres King and Orson Charles. If King isn't in that consideration, Murray won't get the nod. Aaron's going to be completing 200+ passes and at least 20 TDs. Somebody is going to be on the receiving end of that.

The "obvious surprise" (can I copyright that?) will be Jones. I was huge on Houston preseason, but there were many situations where he ended up a liability on the field. I expect Jarvis to be a huge difference maker on the edge. Not just in pass rush, but in helping to seal the edge against the run game.

I won't go as far as putting him 3rd team, but I do think Bacarri Rambo is underappreciated. He made some huge mistakes early in the season. But he has a nose for the ball. As an upperclassman, I think he has the opportunity to be a very reliable player. I see NFL draft after his senior season. Sometimes we have to understand that underclassmen aren't Pro-Ready, yet.

Anonymous said...

On a side note,

Could someone explain to me why mezzanine tickets are more expensive than lower level tickets at the Georgia Dome for Hartman Fund donors?

Anonymous said...

Prescient pick of Murray. He will lead Georgia to the SEC title game next year.

Anonymous said...

I would have thought D Tyson as a second team player. 3rd year starter, 4 year contributer, will be playing with some extra help next year.

Anonymous said...

Garcia? He's suspended. Again. Hahahaha.

Anonymous said...

lower level = end zones
mezzanine = sidelines

Anonymous said...

I would have put Boykin in as 1st team for Kick Returner

dawgs10 said...

no orson charles...on any team. come on Seth. the kid has all-SEC written all over him. As long as he can catch the ball this year, he'll be a stud

Joeski said...

Yeah, I have to agree dawgs10: Charles could really light it up next year, provided Bobo uses him properly (and yes, I know that's a big 'if').

Anonymous said...

I really like Murray but I think his weaknesses are going to be more evident this season without Green and Durham to throw to.

Then again, if we can establish a running game, maybe he won't feel as much pressure from the D as he did last year.

Seth Emerson said...

Dawgs10 and Joeski: Read a bit closer.

Dawgs10 said...

whoops, my bad Seth. Was that there before? Agreed though on the first team selection. That would be where I would put him.

Also, if I had to pick one freshman to make the all-frosh team, it would be Malcolm Mitchell.
Something tells me that kid will have an impact from day 1.