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Friday, March 4, 2011

This and that, the Friday edition

We got some football, some men's basketball, some women's basketball, some baseball ... Here you go.

- Here are my notes from Thursday's pre-spring media availability. Aaron Murray discusses his soccer-playing, Mark Richt reveals the peculiar spring practice schedule, as well as what he expects from Washaun Ealey and company, and more.

I thought this quote from Richt, explaining why he's not banning players from soccer, skiing, or whatever, was interesting:

“I want these guys to live their lives and enjoy it,” Richt said. “It seems like no matter what you do, somebody can still stumble down the steps and get hurt. So I’ve never really done that.”

- This is my lead story from Thursday. The headline (well not the literal headline) is Alec Ogletree's move to linebacker, which was part of a flurry of personnel moves. Cordy Glenn to tackle, Justin Anderson back to offense, and so on.

- Here's my story on Pete Herrmann and Philip Pearson, who were the interim coaches the last time Georgia played at Alabama in men's basketball. Pearson is now an assistant at Georgia, and Herrmann the head coach at Young Harris College, a start-up Division II program.

“I’m very proud of the players at Georgia,” Herrmann said. “I was with all of them. Trey and Travis were part of our group there. And they’ve matured, and they’ve grow up, and they’ve accepted coaching. They’ve been tough-minded through this whole season. I hope that they can make a run here in the SEC tournament and for the NCAA tournament.”

We may get word on Friday as to whether Trey Thompkins will make the trip to Tuscaloosa for the Alabama game. In the meantime, Georgia's potential seeding in next week's SEC tournament remains wide open, after Tennessee won on Thursday.

Entering the weekend, here's how it breaks down:

- If Georgia loses at Alabama, it will finish either fourth (if Tennessee loses to Kentucky on Sunday) or fifth (if Tennessee beats Kentucky).

- If Georgia wins, then it can finish either second (if Vanderbilt loses to Florida and Kentucky loses to Tennessee), or third (if either Vanderbilt or Kentucky wins) or fourth (if both Vanderbilt and Kentucky win).

Got all that?

- The Bulldog women's basketball team already knows its tournament schedule: Tonight at 7:30 p.m. against South Carolina in the quarterfinals. The game is on Fox Sports Net.

- Finally, the Georgia baseball team is off to a 2-6 start and now its reward is three games against one of the best teams in the country. No. 5 Florida State is in town for a series this weekend, with Saturday's game being televised on CSS.


Josh said...

I haven't really kept up with baseball all that much in recent years, but seriously, what happened? We went from being 1 game away from winning the College World Series to being TERRIBLE! I know that kids graduate and everything, but have we not been bringing in any talent lately?

PTC DAWG said...

Who's on First?

Anonymous said...


Seems like safety to ILB is a big much weight has Alec gained in the off season?

AJ said...

“I want these guys to live their lives and enjoy it,” Richt said.

"And I know our players will enjoy sending us pictures of their food so we can micromanage their dietary habits," Richt should have said.

Will said...

"Hey," Richt commented when pressed about the requirement that players take pictures of their meals before eating, "We had to give our schizophrenic fanbase something to bitch about, didn't we?"

Anonymous said...

Well played Will, well played indeed

LoyalFan said...

Just wondering if any guys will be stepping up at safety? If one of the incoming freshman maybe? Doesnt seem right to take a starter at a position and move him to another unless the coaching staff knows guys are going to come in a step up or current players are going to step up.

Anonymous said...

Perno doesn't get it. He is NOT a leader. And go ask what the people at East Marietta and Gwinnett County think of him. He just doesn't get it.

bnwdog said...

Went and watched the Class A quaterfinal here in Columbus last night to see Caldwell-Pope and Marshall play. Got a couple good ones coming to UGA folks! Caldwell-Pope can flat shoot the 3-ball and with a little added weight and some experience should fill Thompkins role nicely based on what I saw. The game was tight all the way to the end and both teams played their hearts out. #23 from Greenville was a player too.