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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Murray's ankle is fine, Glenn is a tackle, and more from Richt

Mark Richt just finished a rather length press conference, not so much because there was much to say but because it had been a month since he last spoke to us media hacks.

Here are the highlights:

- Cordy Glenn is definitely going to play tackle, after starting at guard the past few seasons. Richt said Glenn, tackle Trinton Sturdivant and center Ben Jones are pretty much set.

- Aaron Murray should be a full-go for the first day of practice. That's according to both Richt and Murray, who said earlier that he had his walking boot taken off and wasn't experiencing any issues.

(Speaking of which, Richt said he wasn't going to ban any players from any non-football activities, like soccer, basketball, skiing or whatever. But Murray said he was laying off soccer for awhile.)

- Kirk Olividatti, the new inside linebackers coach, will take over Warren Belin's duties as the kickoff coverage coach.

And Will Friend, the new offensive line coach, will take over Stacy Searels' previous duties as extra point/field goals coach. "I haven't told coach Friend yet, but if he reads the paper ..." Richt said.

- Receiver Rantavious Wooten has put on about 12 pounds in the offseason conditioning program. Freshman Chris Conley, an early enrollee, has also put on about 11-12 pounds, according to Richt.

- There's no plan yet on whether freshman Christian LeMay or Hutson Mason will redshirt. "It'll probably be deep into camp before we can start talking about that," Richt said.


Tim said...

would you mind asking Coach Grantham how he thinks Richard Samuel might contribute next season?

Andy said...

I ditto Tim. It sounds like the starters will most likely be Jones, and Drew/Washington at OLB, and Robinson and Ogletree inside. I hate to see a 5 star guy like Samuel not pan out- even Brandon Miller started. I can;t believe they would have moved Ogletree if they thought Samuel was good to go.

Anonymous said...

Where in that article is there ANYTHING about "Tree" starting? Am I missing something?

He's being moved because he is 225 lbs. A safety that big can deliver a hit but they also have to cover fast receivers.

Andy said...

Anon- I said they would be the "most likely" starters. I don't think they would move a talented starting safety to ILB unless he was likely to start, do you?

BulldogBen said...

Dick Samuel is gonna play somewhere, even if he's platooning with someone.

Too talented and ALL the coaches said he was slowly but surely grasping D last year.

I think it'll pay dividends this year.

CSA said...

It's great to hear how the new S&C program is helping our receivers, but I wanna hear that our lineman are getting bigger, faster, and stronger too!

ActuaryDawg said...

The linemen are getting bigger, faster, and stronger too.

Happy now?

Anonymous said...

They'll redshirt the other QB, Richt don't like competition, remember how Richt botted Mettenberger and LSU grabbed him up?

murray's Richt's fav, even though Murray is winless against winning teams, Murray reads the Bible and goes to church, watches a lot of film, says lots of REALLY positive things.

Anonymous said...

why hasn't Murray gained any weight yet, is he allowed to slack in the weight room, must be the Georgia way.

Anonymous said...

good to read murray won't be putting himself first over the team, by risking the entire season over a stupid soccer game. good to know murray's changed his selfish habits there.

Anonymous said...

yeah, Richt always let's his favorites slack in the weight room, last year it was AJ, this year it's Murray. Rules don't apply to these guys.

Anonymous said...

After 8 years listening to pre-season hype about how Georgia will get better, and watching them lose more games each year than the year before 90% of the seasons, I've decided it's all a charade' designed to fool the gullible.

BicDawg said...

Well Anon 3:40-3:45 why dont you leave the Bulldog Nation and go pull for LSU where your respected Mettenberger is playing. You wont be missed. You must be in charge of collecting trash at the Butts Mehr building since you are so wired in on who does what at UGA Ath dept. Richt disciplines and he gets criticized. He doesnt discipline and gets criticized. Sheesh.

Anonymous said...

Stupid Tech trolls- how's Paul Hewitt working out for you?