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Monday, August 3, 2009

Monday Links (8/3)

Because Dawg Bone is back up and running again, I'll just post a small handful of links and instead let you surf over there and enjoy the new site for a while.

Remember though, players report for fall camp today and practice begins tomorrow. Who's excited?

-- I have a pretty standard pre-practice preview (whew, that's hard to say) in today's Telegraph, but it's probably worth reading just for the quotes.

-- Former Bulldog Hines Ward talks Georgia football with Total UGA.

-- The quarterback that caused all the uproar at Carver High is now headed to Maryland.

-- If you follow Jeff Owens on Twitter, you know he had a heck of a weekend in New York and a few problems trying to return to Athens. Tim Tucker has a story about Owens' return to the football field, which has been equally long-awaited.

-- The Sporting News has a great list of the worst coaches of all time. As an Eagles fan, I'm thrilled to see so many people truly appreciated the awfulness that was the Rich Kotite era. As Georgia fans, you'll no doubt enjoy this line about Ray Goff: "Watching Ray Goff coach football was like watching a colorblind man tackle a Rubik's Cube." (h/t Jim Franklin)

-- Dennis Dodd ranks Georgia as the eighth-best team in the country during the zeroes decade.

-- Battle Hymn Notes takes a look at how the SEC West race could shake out.

-- Georgia added Florida Atlantic to its basketball schedule for the upcoming season.

-- Zach Cone and Steve Esmonde will have a former high school teammate playing with them at Georgia next season.

-- In honor of the film's release, here's an overly detailed timeline of every minor fact you could ever want to know about G.I. Joe.

-- And finally, I think during my many travels over the past two months I neglected to brag about seeing Eddie Vedder in Cobb County this summer. I was sporting a free Syracuse t-shirt I had gotten and was actually in the middle of making fun of the rather extensive contingent of people wearing Pearl Jam shirts to an Eddie Vedder show (to quote Jeremy Piven in "PCU," "Don't be that guy...") when someone came up behind me and asked if I was a Syracuse grad. It turned out he was a Syracuse grad, too -- class of 1980 -- and we chatted about the Orange for a minute. Then he asked where we were sitting. I said somewhere in the mezzanine. He said, "not anymore" and handed us two front-row tickets. Apparently he worked for Eddie Vedder and wanted to make sure a fellow Orangeman was well taken care of. It almost makes those student loan payments seem worthwhile.

Anyway, on a related note, Pearl Jam has an interview with Billboard about their upcoming album here if you're interested in reading it.


Mackie said...

I will readily admit when Roger Waters came to Atlanta last year, I was totally "that guy" in a Pink Floyd t-shirt.

I have no excuses other than I'm gay for Pink Floyd.

RedCrake said...

I particularly enjoyed the

Lane Kiffin: Trust us.

My thoughts exactly.