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Friday, August 7, 2009

Deleted Scenes: Dawgs' Strength Numbers

A lot of you have been asking, and I finally caved. I have a story in today's Telegraph on Georgia's offseason conditioning and the impressive strength numbers the players maxed out at last month.

Not all of the quotes I got from players made the final cut, but I wanted to share them here. Beyond that, I also acquired some of the top weight-room performances of the year along with this year's conditioning award winners...

Demarcus Dobbs on whether this has been the most intense offseason he's experienced...
"It has been. Our training staff has put us in a more strenuous workout than years past. They've been running us a lot more, and they're working on things that correlate into on the field. It's not just lifting weights, but stuff that's going to transition us toward getting on the field."

Dobbs on how the conditioning staff helped...
"The strength staff not only emphasized getting into shape, but we did a lot of stretching and things. We had a lot of hip flexors and hamstrings in the last camp, and we're doing a lot to emphasize those things to make sure we're healthy this year."

Shaun Chapas on the success of the offseason conditioning...
"I think we had a tremendous offseason going all the way back to January. We had great attendance, great participation, everybody was coming in every day and really working hard."

Jeff Owens on the importance of offseason conditioning...
"It starts during the offseason. All great teams have great offseason programs. This offseason, a lot of guys put a lot of effort into it and really wanted to get something out of it. I think it's going to transition onto the field."

Owens on using the weight room to avoid injuries...
"I think the weight room plays a big factor with injuries. The stronger you are, the more muscle you have, that prevents injuries. The more you lift, the more you stay in shape, the healthier you stay."

Caleb King on the offseason workout program...
"Coach Richt wanted to step up the summer program, and it really was stepped up. Everybody got tough and came out progressing."

King on who impressed him...
"Richard (Samuel) comes off that wrist injury, comes back squatting 500-something. That's pretty impressive, but he's always been strong in the weight room."

Dave Van Halanger on the atmosphere in the weight room...
"I've been around a lot of championship teams, and what you see different is the chemistry and morale. It's a special feeling, and you really know this is a special team. This team has all the attributes. I know every game our kids are going to fight their guts out. I believe that with all my heart. If we have the talent, Georgia will be real, real good."

Van Halanger on morale in the weight room...
"The chemistry is good, the morale is very good. They enjoy each other. They're a together team. They believe in each other. They believe in their leaders. This is a selfless team. They just want to win. They want to get it done, and they don't care who gets credit. This team has those intangibles. Now, do we have enough talent?"

Van Halanger on the freshmen performing...
"Wooten went from 162 pounds up to 175 since he got here at the beginning of the summer. Branden Smith, I don't think he lifted in a year, and now he loves coming in here. Little, skinny guys are making huge progress, so you can imagine what the other guys are doing."

Geno Atkins on the attitude toward offseason conditioning...
"We wanted to get stronger, faster, bigger to make sure that when we come out there for camp, everybody's healthy," Atkins said. "You want to treat your body like you'd treat a car – fuel it with the right stuff and tune it up to the max."

Georgia's Top Weight Room Performers, 2009

Bench Press
Defensive backs: Bryan Evans and Reshad Jones, 385 lbs
Defensive ends: Justin Houston, 435 lbs
Defensive tackles: Jeff Owens, 545 lbs
Specialists: Ty Frix and Blair Walsh, 285 lbs
Linebackers: Rennie Curran, 460 lbs
Off. linemen: Justin Anderson, 515 lbs
Quarterbacks: Joe Cox and Aaron Murray, 315 lbs
Fullbacks: Shaun Chapas, 390 lbs
Tailbacks: Dontavius Jackson, 375 lbs
Tight ends: Bryce Ros, 380 lbs
Wide receivers: Michael Moore, 380 lbs

Defensive backs: Prince Miller, 555 lbs
Defensive ends: Justin Houston, 600 lbs
Defensive tackles: Brandon Wood, 650 lbs
Specialists: Brandon Bogotay, 405 lbs
Linebackers: Rennie Curran, 615 lbs
Off. linemen: Vince Vance and Clint Boling, 620 lbs
Quarterbacks: Joe Cox, 425 lbs
Fullbacks: Shaun Chapas, 585 lbs
Tailbacks: Richard Samuel, 600 lbs
Tight ends: Orson Charles, 500 lbs
Wide receivers: A.J. Green, 450 lbs

Power Cleans
Defensive backs: Chad Gloer, 339 lbs
Defensive ends: Justin Houston, 420 lbs
Defensive tackles: Jeff Owens, 365 lbs
Specialists: Drew Butler, 280 lbs
Linebackers: Darius Dewberry, 391 lbs
Off. linemen: Vince Vance and Clint Boling, 353 lbs
Quarterbacks: Joe Cox, 316 lbs
Fullbacks: Shaun Chapas, 400 lbs
Tailbacks: Richard Samuel, 329 lbs
Tight ends: Aron White, 339 lbs
Wide receivers: A.J. Green and Craig Sager, 290 lbs

Power Index (Top 10)

1.) Rennie Curran
2.) Prince Miller
3.) Bryan Evans
4.) Brandon Boykin
5.) Carlton Thomas
6.) Darius Dewberry
7.) Reshad Jones
8.) Chad Gloer
9.) Richard Samuel
10.) Makiri Pugh

Award Winners:
Leon Farmer Award: Michael Moore (Sr./WR)
Leadership Award: Joe Cox (Sr./QB)
Top Lineman: Ben Jones (So./C)
Top Big Skill Position: Shaun Chapas (Jr./FB)
Top Small Skill Position: Prince Miller (Sr./CB)


reese said...

is there somewhere to look that has the whole max list? i know that some one put it out last year..

David Hale said...

Sorry, Reese, I don't know where it would be posted, but if you have specific questions, you can email me and I'll try to find an answer for you.

Dog44 said...

I always look for Van Halenger's comments about chemistry and morale. He's one of the closest guys to the team.

2 summers ago he was excited about team chemistry...(and you remember where we ended up)... last summer he didn't say a thing. Here's hoping his "predictions" are right for a 3rd straight year!

Anonymous said...

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