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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Tuesday Links (8/25)

Busy morning today, but didn't want to overlook the links...

-- Mark Richt promised tougher practices this year. I have a story in today's Telegraph in which the players say he has more than delivered.

-- Looks like those "tweaks" to the SEC media policy aren't soothing the concerns of some major news organizations. (h/t the Senator) As a sidenote, at this point, I've not been asked to sign any policy, but the current position of my big newspaper conglomerate is that we won't be signing anything down the road either.

-- Quinton gets a free round of sliders on me for illuminating several issues at Georgia Sports Blog that have bothered the heck out of me the past few months, too.

-- The Red & Black looks at Blair Walsh's struggles last season and find out how he's improved for this year.

-- Chris Low ranks the SEC teams by the strength of their offensive lines and guess who's No. 1...

-- Last month Rex Robinson said he didn't think Richard Samuel had the "it" factor to be a top running back. He admits he's eating a little crow now... and he couldn't be happier to do it. (BTW: Wouldn't it be great if everyone who spouted an opinion on the Internet admitted when they were wrong? Funny that Rex has more integrity than a lot of "journalists.")

-- Mark Bradley thinks you should't be concerned about Joe Cox. Of course, he also thinks you probably should be.

-- Oklahoma State is definitely taking Cox seriously, and the Oklahoman's John Helsley is giving the local fans in Stillwater a taste of what Georgia's quarterback brings to the table. (Side note: How great is this quote about Cox from OSU defensive coordinator Bill Young: "I think he won every game in grade school.")

-- Helsley also has some additional talk about the hype surrounding Okie State this season in his blog.

-- The Banner-Herald looks at Georgia's other senior defensive tackle -- Kade Weston.

-- The New York Times has its Georgia preview up and I can't believe how much liberal bias there is. (Kidding, of course. Please no angry political comments.)

-- South Carolina football... it's faaaaaaaaantastic!

-- Joe Person has more info and some thoughts on the Clifton Geathers arrest at South Carolina.

-- Andy Bitter has the details on the legal trouble in Auburn, too.

-- Jeremy Fowler has a nice story on how Florida is looking to find a replacement for Percy Harvin.

-- Mike Gundy is 40. He's a man. And he's acting like a child.

(Side note: With all the discussion about the SEC new media policy and the Okie State media blackout, the vast majority of the comments I've heard from readers and fans support the rights of the media. Still, there are quite a few who think us reporters are too touchy, that we stick our noses where they don't belong, and that we're all just out to cause trouble. Sure, that's true of some reporters -- just like there are some accountants who embezzle money and some bartenders who short pour Crown Royal and some "Real World" cast members who have less than the most stringent morals. But that's not all of us, and I think it's important for everyone to remember -- a strong media isn't about reporters bettering their lives. Our job is to convey information to you -- the readers and fans. When teams or leagues shut us out, what they're really doing is shutting you out.)

-- Well this is a disappointment. I was looking forward to buying some orange Bud Lite cans to commemorate the Greg Paulus era at Syracuse. Now all I'll have are the memories of another 3-win season.

-- And finally, so much for the gambling. Now Delware's back to having Judge Reinhold as its only claim to fame.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

David: Objectively, didn't Adrian Karsten's rise--as seen through his walk up to the top of the roof Carrier Dome--and fall--as seen in his later tragic death--symbolize perfectly the modern day highs and lows of the Syracuse football program?