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Monday, August 17, 2009

Monday Links (8/17)

Greetings from lovely Newark, New Jersey, where I'm on a brief layover before getting back to Georgia this afternoon.

I got a handful of questions/emails from you guys following Saturday's scrimmage and the one asked most was this: Where were A.J. Green and Michael Moore?

While I can't answer that with exact certainty since I haven't spoken to Mark Richt about it, I think the answer is most likely this: Georgia's coaches know just what they have in Green and Moore, but they absolutely MUST find out what they've got in the other receivers.

The Bulldogs' receiving corps has a lot of talent, but it's not deep, and beyond Green and Moore, no one has any serious experience to speak of.

So, rather than throw the starters out there during the scrimmage, my guess is it's being treated a lot like an NFL preseason game, and the starters are only getting a few reps.

Georgia is off today as classes begin again in Athens. They'll be back on the practice field on Tuesday, and I'll be sure to check in with Richt on verify all of that for you, too.

In the meantime, a few links...

-- Did you spend last week on vacation from Dawgs news? Tim Tucker catches you up in 10 quick paragraphs.

-- Battle Hymn Notes looks at the scrimmage success of Richard Samuel and Carlton Thomas and wonders if we've already seen the best of Caleb King.

-- Fletcher Page is like the Ryan Seacrest of Georgia sports writers -- he turns up everywhere (and has been rumored to be having a fling with Paula Abdul). His latest work -- a quick look at kicker Brandon Bogotay over at The Chapel Bell.

-- Mike Gundy tells the Oklahoma Sports Blog that he really doesn't know what to expect from Georgia when they meet next month.

-- Of course, it doesn't sound like Oklahoma State is worrying about Georgia just yet.

-- Dawg Stephen writes about a few players he thinks need to take the next step in their careers this season.

-- Georgia Sports Dawg pays tribute to Rennie Curran, who is racking up the compliments of late.

-- Former Bulldogs tight end Martrez Milner has signed a deal with the New Orleans Saints.

-- Auburn scrimmaged this weekend, too, and may finally have a leader in its QB battle.

-- Meanwhile, South Carolina's offense is still working out some kinks.

-- Tim Tebow will be getting some work under center this season, according to the Orlando Sentinel.

-- Tebow also gets a little personal in an extended interview with the Sentinel over the weekend.

-- The SEC's media policy is finally out with quite a few changes from what was initially leaked. Still, the groundwork for control of new media platforms is being laid.

-- The Chicago Tribune talks to Gordon Beckham about handling the grind of the long MLB season.

-- Roger Clarkson writees that the Diamond Dogs will have a far different look in 2010 than they had last season.

-- This article in the Banner-Herald says Stephen Colbert should not be eligible for a Peabody, calling Colbert's humor "middling." OK. This article goes in the other direction.

-- Here's a good preview of what to expect on the new season of "How I Met Your Mother."

-- has an interview with the newest castmember on the revamped "Scrubs."

-- This week's bad idea for a remake award goes to... "Brewster's Millions."

-- Nirvana's "Bleach" is getting a 20th anniversary re-issue, which makes me feel really old.

-- And finally, I think this is a terrible idea to do, not to mention about four months too premature, but Pitchfork is counting down the top 500 songs of the 2000s, which should help you kill some time at work today. (By the way, when we start doing all these 2000s recaps, have we agreed yet on what to call the decade? The Two-Thousands? The Aughts? The Zeroes? We're running out of time to figure this out!)

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

This has been the "WO" decade.
"W" for Bush, "O" for Obama, "WO" for the mess we're in.

Whatever it's remember as, please, everyone, starting next year let's drop "thousand." Next year is 2010, pronounced Twenty-Ten.