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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Early Practice Tidbits

A couple quick notes from the first two periods of practice...

-- Chris Davis appeared to be taking the first team reps at center, with Justin Anderson in at guard. Chris Burnette was being worked in at center as well.

-- Demarcus Dobbs was in green, but still was out practicing.

-- Reshad Jones was still sporting his green jersey, but was out with the rest of the DBs practicing and didn't show any noticeable limitations from the hamstring.

-- Ben Jones wasn't out on the field at all. We used to go through the weight room out to the practice fields, so we got a bit better idea of who was sitting out practice altogether, but due to the construction at Butts-Mehre, we're not doing that this year.

-- A few other green jerseys who were practicing: Jeremy Longo, Brandon Wood, and Andrew Johnson.

-- A few green jerseys jogging the sidelines but not practicing: Bryan Evans, Caleb King, Akeem Dent, Darius Dewberry and Kiante Tripp.

NOTE: The early drills we watched weren't any significant contact drills.


Robert said...

How's that new MacBook working for you, David?

Anonymous said...

How lond do you think Jones will be out.
Montgomery Dawg

Rick said...

I'm hearing Ben Jones is day to day and also that he will miss the first game. Can you clarify?