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Friday, August 28, 2009

Friday Links (8/29)

Happy Friday, folks. Hope everyone has a big weekend planned... or at the very least, you're taking care of all those things you've been putting off for the past few months. After all, starting next week, your weekends will be devoted to football, with little time for distractions like exercise, family or any measure of productivity.

But whatever you have planned for this weekend, what better way to get it started than with some links...

-- Hope you didn't miss it yesterday, but just in case -- I had a story in the Telegraph on how Richard Samuel was able to improve so drastically this offseason despite being sidelined with an injured wrist.

-- Orson Charles adds a new dimension to the offense for Georgia, but Aron White thinks that soon could be the norm at tight end.

-- Get the Picture has a semi-formed preview of the upcoming season at Georgia.

-- Bill King looks at the keys to success for the Dawgs this season.

-- Mark Bradley points out a rather humerous typo in the Georgia media guide. Sure, you could say it was done on purpose, but considering the photo shows another nasty typo on the same page -- the Arizona State game wasn't played in Arkansas -- I'm guessing this one just missed the proofreader.

-- Bernie's Dawg Blawg picks three players -- one on offense, one on D and one on special teams -- he thinks will have the biggest impact this season for the Dawgs.

-- Asher Allen has impressed quite a few folks in his first month with the Minnesota Vikings. (Wait, you mean to tell me there are other players on the Vikings besides Brett Favre?) (h/t Jen M.)

-- John Helsley blogs that Mike Gundy's decision to ban media for the past week-plus is a pretty bush league move for a team trying to gain national respect.

-- The Oklahoman has a story about the number of Georgia fans expecting to travel to Stillwater for the game.

-- Steve Spurrier's quarterback of the future last season is a starter again this year... at Liberty University.

-- Team Speed Kills ranks the Georgia-South Carolina game No. 7 on its list of games that will shape the SEC this season.

-- In the least surprising QB news of the fall, Arkansas has officially named Ryan Mallett its starter.

-- Ole Miss had to revoke some single-game tickets in order to meet demand for season tickets this year.

-- Well, at least we know Florida has one chink in the armor.

-- ESPN's Rob Neyer thinks Braves' ace Javier Vasquez probably deserves a crack at the Cy Young this season, but won't get it due to his low win total. But in his place, the award could go to another Peach State product.

-- The offshoot of the ruling preventing sports betting in Delaware is a nice bit of job security for local bookies, writes Philly Inquirer columnist John Gonzolez.

-- If you like a good colorful baseball story, look no further. This is a great one.

-- Your bad idea for an '80s remake of the week... "Heathers."

-- And here's a chance to revisit a previous award winner in that category, with an introduction to the A-Team remake's new B.A. Baracus.

-- The location for the Jim & Pam wedding on "The Office" is official.

-- And finally, the start of the Mike Vick era (or Ron Mexico era, if you'd prefer) in Philadelphia is officially underway. And what's more tacky than a fat Philly fan running right out to buy the jersey of a convicted dog fighter? Well, obviously this.

Ah, it really does make me miss home.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

That damned trade was, by far, Shuerholtz's worst.

Drew had arguably the best season of his career with the Braves, but it was only one year.

Marquis has turned into a very, very good starter and Wainwright is moving on to the next echelon.

That move is worse than the eerily similar Texeira move, and should taint was is considered a golden legacy for Schuerholtz.