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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Injury Updates (8/18)

Georgia returned to the practice field for the first time since Saturday's scrimmage this afternoon, and they did so with a bigger crowd than they've had the past two weeks.

Us media types were only allowed to view the first six or seven minutes of practice today, so it's hard to take too much info from that, but two big things jump out:

1.) There are a lot of new players at practice now that Georgia is no longer held to the "105" rule.

2.) There's a lot of green out there, and I'm not talking about the grass on the field.

Here's a quick rundown of the green jerseys I counted at today's practice:

Bryan Evans - hamstring
Akeem Dent - hamstring
Josh Davis - shoulder
Kris Durham - shoulder
Aron White - hamstring
Kiante Tripp - ???
Brandon Wood - shoulder
Caleb King - hamstring
Darius Dewberry - hamstring
Quintin Banks - knee
Reshad Jones - hamstring

*NOTE: There were probably a half-dozen or so walk-ons in green, too, but I'm not listing them here.

So while those early hamstring injuries seemed to be a mirage, these ones are enough to keep guys jogging the sidelines rather than patrolling the field. Why all the hammies? I'm sure the weather plays into it, but I plan to put the question to Mark Richt later today, too.


josh said...

I though Durham was out for the year. Is he practicing?

David Hale said...

He is out for the year, but he's out with the players working on routes and acting more as a coach.

Today marked the first day that rosters weren't limited to 105 players, so a lot of the guys who were not part of fall camp are now out on the field and being more hands on, despite their injuries.

Anonymous said...


Do you get the sense that injuries are starting to perhaps mount in the same way that it happened last year? It seems like we went from having a healthy team to a rash of hamstring injuries. And how is this affecting how hard the guys are practicing? What does CMR plan to do about this, if anything? Because clearly we can't go with the 'thud' experiment again this year.

Phillip said...

The hamstring injuries come from overwork and lack of rest. Proof that these guy's have been going hard all of camp..

RedCrake said...

While any injury is certainly some cause for concern, guys aren't going to be out for the season or even multiple games with pulled hamstrings.

A rash of hamstring injuries from practicing hard in arduous conditions is vastly preferable to the season ending ACL tear outbreak of last pre-season.