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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Wednesday Links (8/12)

Greetings from the Butts-Mehre football offices, folks. Georgia was set to practice this morning and scrimmage this afternoon, but the weather threw a monkey wrench into those plans, and the Bulldogs are actually spending the morning over at Sanford Stadium scrimmaging. Practice for tonight remains tentative, and if it happens at all, it will be a late session, likely ending around 8:30 or 9 p.m.

I'll have updates here as soon as possible after the morning scrimmage, and I'll try to send out some breaking info via Twitter. You can find my Twitter page HERE.

It's unlikely that players will be available after the scrimmage, so we'll mostly be working from Coach Richt's comments until either this evening or tomorrow afternoon.

In the meantime, let's check out some links...

-- I have a story in today's Telegraph on how senior cornerback Prince Miller spent his offseason working on coming out of his shell.

-- ESPN's Mark Schlabach and Bruce Feldman have their preseason bowl projections posted, and both envision another trip to Orlando for the Bulldogs. (Ugh... I really don't want to go back to Orlando.)

-- David Paschall writes that Georgia safety Quintin Banks is working hard to ensure he has a healthy season in 2009.

-- Mark Weiszer has a story up on how Mark Richt is handling players' use of social networking sites. It's an informative piece, but the highlight is Richt referring to the Web as "the World Wide net."

-- Tim Tucker has a story about Orson Charles, who is impressing plenty of teammates and coaches already. Quick tip from a UGA insider: Grab those No. 7 and 24 jerseys while they're on sale now, because Charles and Washaun Ealey will make them pretty valuable again soon.

-- Of course, should you decide to purchase one of those jerseys, you'll want to read this post at Blogging Pantsless before you head outside to show it off to your friends and neighbors. (And bonus points to Mr. Pantsless for the excellent "Seinfeld" reference.)

-- I've really been neglegent in directing you to the Red & Black's roster rundowns. They're up to Jordan Love through Dallas Lee already. Seems like only yesterday we were talking about Cornelius Washington.

-- Hard Knox Sports doesn't like the prediction that Georgia will be the surprise team of the SEC this season. (Edited from this morning... I'm dumb)

-- Blogging Under the Influence compares three former Georgia teammates who are now coordinators with BCS teams and comes to the conclusion that the Bulldogs nabbed the best of the lot.

-- Georgia's picture day is coming up soon, and in honor of that, Rex Robinson has some blasts from the past on his blog.

-- Some interesting nuggets on Oklahoma State in this notebook: 1.) The Cowboys have sent a freshman safety home, 2.) OSU QB Zac Robinson didn't practice again, and 3.) Okie State is celebrating an SI cover story. How'd that work out for Georgia last year?

-- Auburn held its first scrimmage of the year this week, but it did little to settle the Tigers' QB problems.

-- The NCAA is offering its explanation for its decision in "GirdleGate" at Clemson.

-- The proposed new rules by the SEC has made for some grumpy media folks around UGA lately, and as Rivals' Steve Patterson points out the (lack of) work ISP is doing at Georgia isn't helping matters.

-- This was an interestesting story in the Banner-Herald. Apparently my gym is run by some shady folks -- that, or the Russian mafia.

-- The problems newspapers are facing in the tough economy are much discussed, but Slate has a fascinating look at how the ad recession might be changing how we watch television as well.

-- NBC has posted the full episode of what I'm predicting will be the best new show of the fall on Facebook.

-- I have long since given up on "Heroes," but it's good to see a Ghostbuster still getting work.

-- And finally, the Chicago Sun-Times weighs in on the growing Letterman vs. Conan debate. I love both, so I'm not picking a winner, but it does give me an excuse to link to one of my all-time favorite late-night sketches.


Anonymous said...

David, the HardKnox article said he DIDN'T agree with the predictions UGA would surprise (just in case you want to edit)

Anonymous said...

David-on your comment on Steve Patterson's opinion piece about the new media rules, are you saying his opinion piece is not helping things or are you saying that the conduct he talks about in the piece is not helping things?

Hattiesburg, MS

David Hale said...

Sorry.... that was poorly worded on my part, eh? I'm saying the conduct doesn't help. Essentially you have the media being told they can't cover certain things and at the same time, you're piggy-backing their work and posting it on a for-pay site as your own. You can see how reporters would be a bit annoyed.

Oh, and sorry about the Hard Knox thing. I was in a hurry to get the links up and didn't give it but a cursory look. Thanks for the correction.