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Friday, August 7, 2009

Friday Links (8/7)

In case you haven't heard, Twitter was hacked yesterday. This was, obviously, tragic. Oddly, if you're working on a computer using UGA's wireless signal over at the Butts-Mehre building, Twitter is blocked by their security software anyway, so my updates always come via my cell phone -- meaning I had no idea my Tweets weren't going through. So a little breaking news on Kwame Geathers and Reshad Jones and a funny quote or two from John Jancek from yesterday's practice never made it through. The joys of modern technology, right? Just remember as newspapers slowly die off, your Sunday morning delivery never got hacked by a bunch of computer nerds.

Anyway, some (hopefully) virus-free links...

-- The AJC says this is Caleb King's opportunity to revive a career that's been a lot more hype than production for the past three years.

-- The Athens Banner-Herald says that Georgia is still trying to identify playmakers on offense who aren't named A.J. Green.

-- Tavarres King tells Access North Georgia that he's not satisfied with the improvents he's made this offseason.

-- The Red & Black's Tyler Estep has a very good roundup of Georgia's first day in shells yesterday. I know a lot of regular fans may not surf over to the student newspaper's site often, but Tyler and Fletcher Page are really doing an exceptional job of covering the team this year. Be sure to add them to your regular readings.

-- Two former North Hall High teammates are together again at Georgia, writes the Gainesville Times.

-- Team Speed Kills poses an interesting bar room question: If you had to pick 10 teams that you thought would win the majority of the next 10 BCS titles, who would it be? Georgia makes their list.

-- David Pascall has a story on the latest Butler to handle kicking duties at Georgia.

-- After posting UGA's strength numbers from summer conditioning, a couple of people had a common question: Who is Chad Gloer? Well, here's your answer.

-- Well this is a surprise... Oklahoma State opened practiced Wednesday, and even out in the Big XII, the preseason goals always come in fives.

-- The Randolph Leader's Ben Cook writes that the SEC needs to start scheduling some tougher non-conference opponents.

-- Bulldog in Exile finds a musical counterpart for each SEC coach. I must say, I enjoyed the Lane Kiffin comparison. Also, if you're a regular reader of BiE, the site will be permenantly moving HERE starting Monday.

-- This was a GREAT find by Dancing in the End Zone... I'm not even quite sure what to say about it other than... ah, you know what, I probably shouldn't say anything. (Be sure to keep scrolling ALL the way down.)

Some updates on former Bulldogs...

-- The Examiner notices that Matthew Stafford is popping up... well, everywhere.

-- Asher Allen is impressing some folks in his early workouts at Minnesota Vikings camp. Still, I bet he's sad Brett Favre isn't there.

-- Inside the Iggles has an interview with one of the largest humans I've ever met, Max Jean-Gilles. (Also, the fact that Mark Richt always called him Max-Jean, despite the "Jean" being part of his last name was almost as funny to me as the fact that Richt called Brannan Southerland "Brandon" for four full seasons. He really does have a lot of Bobby Bowden in him.)

-- The Denver Post says Knowshon Moreno and the Broncos are getting closer to a deal.

-- ESPN gives Gordon Beckham the superstar treatment.

And a handful of other stuff...

-- They needed to do a study to figure this out? They could have simply listened to the reporters at a Georgia practice for about four minutes and come to the same conclusion.

-- And here's some more good publicity for newspapers... ugh.

-- And finally, a big R.I.P. to John Hughes. As a product of the '80s, it's almost impossible to truly appreciate how influential his films were. I think the words of one of his greatest characters sum up my emotions best right now: "The Donger need food."

1 comment:

watcher16 said...

That writer of that article in Alabama about the tough SEC scheduling should do a little more research:

"Hand it to Vince Dooley; he gets a gold star for scheduling."

No way Dooley ever gives us a schedule like we have now!