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Friday, August 21, 2009

Friday Links (8/21)

Happy Friday, folks. Just think, in two more weeks, you'll be saying the words "I can't wait to watch the Georgia game tomorrow." Fun times.

Until then, you still have an afternoon of work to get through, so here's some links for your reading pleasure...

-- Remember when I analyzed the freshmen potential last month and said Abry Jones could be "the surprise star of the fall." Of course you do. Well, Rodney Garner must think I'm a smart, smart man because he downright loves Abry Jones.

-- T Kyle King thinks Mark Richt is going to think outside the box in 2009. I think, more than wins and losses, this will be the ultimate measure of Richt's coaching this season. He has a different type of team this season, and on the heels of last year's mistakes, I'm interested to see whether he adjusts his philosophies to fit the current landscape at Georiga or if he sticks with the game plan he's used for years. Georgia may only win 8 games this year, but I think most fans will forgive that if they see Richt and his staff adjusting to the changing face of the SEC. On the other hand, if the Bulldogs get blown out 31-0 in a half again by using the same old things they've been doing for nine years, Richt is going to have a few less fans this time next year.

-- As preseason previews go, I can't think of many people I'd rather get Georgia info from than the Senator.

-- I somehow missed this the other day, but the Chapel Bell has some quotes about Georgia from all the former Bulldogs now playing with the Falcons.

-- Georgia Sports Blog has some interesting thoughts on the men's basketball schedule.

-- It's the same old story. Athlete dates crazy chick. Crazy chick calls police. Crazy chick's dad defends athlete. I've heard it a thousand times.

-- You can shut the media out of practice, but you can't keep T. Boone Pickens away from the media. Two things here: 1.) T. Boone predicts Okie State will win 387-24. So even in his crazy, outlandish prediction, the Cowboys' defense still can't hold Georgia to fewer than three touchdowns. 2.) Remember that "Seinfeld" where George wanted to give himself the nickname T-Bone? Got to love that tee-bone! I'm officially referring to Pickens as "T-Bone" for the remainder of the fall. (h/t Jim F.)

-- Browns coach Eric Mangini is raving about the work Mohamed Massaquoi has done in camp so far.

-- From the sounds of things, a lot will be riding on tonight's preseason game for D.J. Shockley.

-- ranks the 10 best players in the SEC, and none of them are from Georgia. (Note: I know someone sent me this link, but for the life of me I can't find out who now, so sorry for not dishing out credit.)

-- ESPN's Chris Low spends some time chatting with Gene Chizik. As you can see, the video of the interview is stupendous. Ah, who doesn't love Chizik's stories about a bridge.

-- An Arkansas wide receiver could miss the Georgia game with a broken collarbone.

-- I love any story that comes with a picture of a man and a giant fish, but the number of commenters urging the guy not to eat his 103-pound catfish really brings the whole thing together.

-- CNN has a list of the 12 most annoying kinds of Facebook users. It's a pretty comprehensive list, but I think one big one is missing: Mom. Seriously, parents befriending their kids on Facebook is going to be the death of Facebook.

-- It's a rare occasion I'll say I wish I lived in Canada (usually only when I'm low on Molson or need health insurance) but a new "Kids in the Hall" series? That'll do it.

-- Digital Spy has an interview with "Lost" director Jack Bender.

-- And finally, if you've ever sat back and though, I wonder what really goes through the mind of someone like David Hale -- and God knows, I hope you haven't -- Dawg Sports has your answers in an engaging interview with yours truly. (And by "engaging" I mean "occasionally coherent.") Enjoy.


Anonymous said...

That interview of you from DawgSports was great.

David Hale said...

Frost/Nixon it was not, but I do appreciate the compliment!

Anonymous said...

how the hell can you have julio as #5 on a list of top SEC players and not even have A.J. in the top ten. what a joke

meat said...

I'll second the 'mom friend' as the end of facebook. As well as the creepy aunt whom I've met twice that comments on my every status.

Anonymous said...

There is a kid in my class. And he has his own blog. And he's 8.

Anonymous said...

David, this posting made me a big fan of yours. Of course, it could be the beers I've already consumed, but so many parts of this made me very happy. I'm so glad to have your stuff to read every day, and this was a banner day for you. I don't give a $#@! about Lost, but that's OK. So many parts of this post was very enjoyable. I can't even go into detail. But, you the man. Thanks.

Ben said...

I went to the SI list purposefully to see if The Other #8 was on it and if so to make a comment about an angry Georgia fan somewhere composing a heated letter to SI . . . but it looks like anonymous #2 beat me to it.