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Sunday, August 23, 2009

Sunday Links: Whole Lotta Georgia

If you haven't picked up a copy of the Telegraph today... why the heck not?

While the Telegraph is certainly a fine publication every day, today's paper has our full high school and college football preview section.

You'll find tons of content throughout, but if you're just looking for the Georgia coverage, here's where you can find some...

-- Joe Cox may not have a ton of experience, but his leadership makes him the perfect quarterback for this year's team.

-- Last year, A.J. Green was a freshman sensation. This year, he's the veteran superstar on Georgia's offense and he's in a position to be even better than he was in his rookie campaign.

-- The expectations aren't nearly as high for Georgia this year, and that's just the way the Bulldogs want it.

-- Last year's defense was thin on veteran leaders, but that won't be a concern this season, as the Bulldogs' D is packed with experienced juniors and seniors.


Anonymous said...

I know Joe a little bit and I really hope he does well this year. He is a smart and mature kid. Anybody know when the next scrimmage/practice game is?

David Hale said...

Wednesday -- there's some info on it in Saturday's practice notes.