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Monday, August 10, 2009

Get to Know: Washaun Ealey

Of all the freshmen that I met in person for the first time last week, I think Washaun Ealey least resembles what I was expecting. He's built like a tank, and he just has that look of a hard-nosed running back -- sort of Emmit Smith-like (which will make sense after you read the interview).

Georgia fans will notice another resemblance to another great tailback this year, too, as Ealey will wear the No. 24 jersey that Knowshon Moreno made famous during the past two seasons.

I can't say that Ealey will meet with the same success on the field that Moreno did, but when it comes to doing interviews, there are a lot of similarities, as you'll probably be able to tell from the brevity of Ealey's answers. He also used the phrase "working hard" about 490 times, which leads me to believe Knowshon left behind his list of favorite football cliches for Ealey to memorize.

But, while the interview wasn't exactly the most enlightening ever, it's pretty obvious the kid likes playing football, and I'm guessing fans are pretty excited to watch him do it.

David Hale: There were already four guys hoping to land the starting job before you got here. What's it been like jumping into such a fierce competition as a freshman?

Washaun Ealey: All along, we're like brothers, and they've taken me under their wings, and I've just been working hard and listening to them because they know a lot more.

DH: What's the best advice any of them have given you?

WE: Just to keep my head up on a swivel and keep running hard and get ready for the contact.

DH: What has it been like working with Coach McClendon?

WE: It's been very good. He pushes me hard. He asks me to stay after meetings and come early, and that can only help me so I can play early.

DH: How would you describe your running style?

WE: I have a lot of speed and power. Whenever I need to lower my shoulder, I can lower my shoulder, and when I need to use my speed, I can use my speed.”

DH: You're wearing No. 24 this season. How'd that end up happening?

WE: The coaches told me I was No. 24, and I was like, whatever number coach gave me, I was going to take it.

DH: But that probably puts a little extra pressure on you to live up to the standards of the last guy who wore it, right?

WE: I know that Knowshon wore No. 24, so I can't slack off. I need to work even harder.

DH: Who were your favorite players growing up?

WE: I liked Marshall Faulk and Emmitt Smith. I try to run like them.

DH: If you could take a vacation anywhere in the world, where would it be?

WE: I'd probably want to go to Hawaii. I just like the water, so I'd like to go there and see how it is.

DH: What's your favorite meal?

WE: Fried chicken and macaroni and cheese.

DH: Have you found a good place in Athens for that yet?

WE: No, not yet.

DH: Well, I think you've probably got a few options. If you could meet any celebrity, who would it be?

WE: Probably Chanci Stuckey. He was always my favorite football player, even when he was in high school.

DH: Do you have any nicknames?

WE: They call me Boobie because when I was in high school I always used to talk trash, so they started calling me Boobie Miles (from the movie "Friday Night Lights").

DH: What was your most embarrassing moment on the football field?

WE: Probably when I was already down the field by myself and dropped a wide-open pass. It was my junior year in the middle of the season. I was a receiver and I was wide open and I dropped it.

DH: What about your favorite moment on the football field?

WE: I think my junior year in the first round of the playoffs, we played Seminole Country and Baccari Rambo. That first kickoff return, I returned it for a touchdown.

DH: Have you been talking a little smack to him about that games since you got here?

WE: Yeah, I scored six touchdowns that night, so I've given him a little heat about that.


Anonymous said...

Chansi Stuckey? That was out of left field. Was that just for your Warner Robins readers?

Stuckey was incredible to watch that year that Northside went on the playoff run with him at QB, but that was a crazy name for Washaun to pull out of the hat.

Anonymous said...

man the fried chicken and macaroni comment is fantastic. he is seriously in luck if that's his favorite meal. washaun's gonna love weaver d's

Oliver said...