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Monday, August 10, 2009

A.J. Green is Scary Good

I'm working on gathering quotes for stories for our college football preview tab, which has me absurdly busy. One of the stories I'm working on, however, is about A.J. Green and the impact he hopes to make this season as Georgia's top returning playmaker.

A.J. isn't exactly the best quote, so I made sure to talk to a few other folks about him, too, and this bit of feedback from Joe Cox should give some SEC cornerbacks nightmares...

"Last year, he was just a freshman and there were a lot of times he didn't know what to do. You watch on film, there are a lot of plays where you can tell he was kind of lost. Last year, he was one of the guys Matthew (Stafford) would need to make sure he knew what to do. This year, he knows what to do. He's helping out younger guys. You can tell he just has so much more confidence in everything – how he wants to run a certain route, what he's supposed to do on a certain play – and it shows."

First off, he did that last year while needing instructions before each play? Yikes.

Secondly, what does that mean for this season?


Anonymous said...

Wow, that is scary indeed. We'll need AJ to be that good again to keep teams from loading up the box. Hopefully Joe can find AJ often.

Anonymous said...

I'm really excited about the other receivers on our team. They'll be given so many chances with all the pressure on AJ.

Anonymous said...

What an amazing talent AJ Green has. I did notice what Joe Cox was talking about last year, though. In a few games last year, especially early on, there were a couple of times when AJ looked unsure about where to line up. There would be a slot receiver waving him to step forward or backward. Probably wasn't visible on TV but it was sitting in the stands.

It was interesting to watch because every time I saw that happen at the line of scrimmage, the slot receiver who was telling AJ where to line up would end up blocking for AJ on the play to allow him to catch the ball.

Can't wait to see what he can do this year!