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Saturday, August 15, 2009

Saturday Odds & Ends: Tavarres, Thompkins and Tattoos

A few tidbits for your Saturday reading pleasure...

-- Georgia's scrimmage won't start until 8 p.m. tonight. Fletcher Page will have stats posted as soon as possible afterward, but it will probably be pretty late.

-- Speaking of Fletcher, he has a nice feature on Darius Dewberry in today's Telegraph that I encourage you to check out.

-- Another link for ya... Bernie's Dawg Blawg has video of yesterday's Watermelon cutting festivities. One note for Bernie: Baccari Rambo's not a good swimmer, so I think yesterday's fun in the pool was not as much fun for him.

-- Answering a couple of tweets...

First, @dukes01 asks: How is Tavarres King doing?

Rather than type up the whole response, I'll simply point you over to I had a story on TK and Israel Troupe earlier this week with some updates on their progress. Here's the money quote on King, however, courtesy of cornerback Brandon Boykin:

"A.J. (Green) is a great receiver, but T.K.'s just as good. He has the smoothest routes I have ever seen. It's tough guarding him, and I do it every day. I think this year you're going to see T.K. get on the field and make some plays."

And second, @allyugadawg hit on a big mystery with this question: Why do all of our coaches wear sweatshirts in the summer? Seriously, it bugs me. I need to know.

I asked Claude Felton, Georgia's excellent sports information director, and he said he always assumed it was a weight-loss tool. But the mystery got even deeper yesterday, according to Fletcher, who said Mark Richt even had long sleeves on in the pool!

Tyler Estep's best guess: Richt has some serious tattoos he doesn't want to show off.

-- And one final bit of info that should come as some good news. I'm doing a freelance story for a magazine previewing Kentucky's upcoming basketball season under John Calipari, so I interviewed Wildcats sophomore Darius Miller the other day to get some quotes.

Miller spent the summer playing with the USA Under-19 team, where he was teammates with Georgia's Trey Thompkins, so I managed to sneak in a question about that, too.

Miller's assessment is pretty encouraging...

"Trey's real good," he said. "I'd seen him before, and I think he's been working real hard because he's gotten a lot better. He really impressed me when he was over there. He had a lot of good games, a couple 20-point games, and that's tough to do when you play with a lot of good players."

Miller said he has stayed in touch with Thompkins over the summer and he's definitely looking forward to the Wildcats' first matchup against the Dawgs once the SEC season gets going.

"It should be a lot of fun," Miller said, "and we'll probably do a little bit of trash talking that day, too."

1 comment:

ChicagoDawg said...

The coaches wear long sleeves, sweatshirts, etc., so that they can identify how hot it is in gear/pads and how hard to push the guys (or more importantly pull back). Being in shorts and t-shirt that wicks sweat is obviously a lot different than being in full pads. So, the long sleeves & sweatshirts helps to mimic as close as is practical what the players are enduring and the need for breaks, compassion, etc.,