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Thursday, August 13, 2009

A.J. Green is Scary Good, Part II

Remember three days ago when I posted a quote from Joe Cox indicating that maybe A.J. Green would be significantly better this year?

Well, Mike Moore went one step further...

"He could be a lot better. Last year, he was truly playing off of what he did in high school, just his natural ability. He's a freak athlete, and his ball skills are amazing, But now he really knows the offense, he's able to move around now, he comes in and out of his breaks a lot faster, and he's playing with a lot more confidence. He just knows he can go out there and dominate, and I think that's what he’s going to do this year."


Anonymous said...

It's interesting that OK State's Dez Bryant is getting such incredible buzz as a primary reason that they will be favored to beat UGA, and yet he will only be the second-best WR on the field that day (or 3rd best, depending on how well our D plays and how sieve-like OSU's secondary is).

JADAMS said...

When John McKissick says that a player is the best he has EVER seen, he is going to be scary good.

IveyLeaguer said...

I love it.

AJ is the Herschel Walker of receivers. He's the best to ever play, IMHO. I know he's the best I've ever seen.