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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Geathers Still Waiting

Georgia's players reported to fall camp on Monday and held their first walk-throughs this morning, but freshman lineman Kwame Geathers was not among them.

Geathers is still working to finalize his qualification, and the process of reviewing his materials is taking longer than expected, head coach Mark Richt said.

"He's still going through his NCAA review," Richt said. "He's still jumping through hoops. Every hoop that's been in front of him, he's jumped through successfully to this point. We're still very optimistic he'll be here soon, but you can't really predict how long (the review) will take."

While the delay has caused some concern regarding Geathers' eventual arrival, Richt said the school has not been made aware of any problems in the process thus far, but rather is simply waiting for the final approval.

"We're very confident that everything's going to go through," Richt said. "We've not hit a wall, it's just kind of a slow process."

Richt said there were no other absences by players during Day 1 of camp.

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