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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Wednesday Links (12/3)

Georgia gets back to work tomorrow afternoon in its first practice in preparation for its bowl game, which at this point, is still undecided. That hopefully means we'll have some fresh new content to write about starting tomorrow, but in the meantime, here's some good stuff other people wrote...

-- Total UGA has the details on last night's Georgia loss at Western Kentucky. The first half of the game was probably the best ball the Dawgs have played all year. The second half? Eh, not so much.

-- Dawg Sports uses a Bear Bryant quote to add a bit of historical perspective to its analysis of last week's game.

-- The AJC's Jeff Schultz writes that Georgia was clearly overrated, but the Dawgs also overachieved.

-- Georgia Tech won't have to go far for its bowl game.

-- Let's see, two days on the job and Lane Kiffin is already in trouble. Sounds like a real Rocky Flop. I like puns.

-- The Banner-Herald's David Ching echoes what I said even before LSU's slide -- Georgia's schedule just wasn't very tough this year.

-- ESPN's Chris Low answers some SEC questions in his mailbag, including Urban Meyer's future and Georgia's bowl destination.

-- Some coaching news: No news could be bad news for Tommy Tuberville, Notre Dame appears to be keeping Charlie Weis, but won't confirm anything, Washington met with Texas Tech's Mike Leach, and Oregon has found Mike Bellotti's successor.

-- A common thread in all the new head coaching hires? None of them are black (while three of the coaches fired were). Randy Shannon is now the only black head coach of a BCS conference school. After electing a black president, I find it hard to believe there's still some grand conspiracy to keep black coaches from getting a head coaching job, but the numbers are simply unacceptable. Over at Every Day Should Be Saturday, they offer a few names that should be considered for jobs, and I, for one, would be thrilled to have Turner Gill at Syracuse.

-- OK, so I get that this is impolite and in poor taste, but a suspension? Really?

-- I'm not sure I've ever been so upset that I decided to move from San Diego a few years ago.

-- Oh, and just when you thought the Georgia-Georgia Tech score would be the worst news you'd hear this week, I give you THIS.


Anonymous said...

I wish the dawgs had actually "overachieved"

Anonymous said...

Why not more black sports writers.

David Hale said...

I'd love to see that, too. I couldn't help but notice at this year's SEC media days that nearly 3/4 of the athletes in attendance were black, but as far as I could tell, there was only ONE black sports writer there out of nearly 400 writers. That is just as embarrassing as the lack of diversity among head coaches, if not more so.

Robert said...

A Creed comeback? PSMITFH.

Just what the world needs, a new Britney Spears album and a second go at Scott Stapps vocals.

My ears were just getting back to normal...