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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Wednesday Links (12/10)

Sorry this is getting up so late, but Georgia practiced in the morning today, so I was a little tied up. I'll have practice notes posted in about 90 minutes though.

In the meantime, here are some links o' the day...

-- I was a busy man yesterday. In today's Telegraph, I have a recap of last night's big hoops win, a story on Bruce Figgins' battle through injuries this year, and notes on Rodney Garner and the SEC Awards, which were also posted here yesterday.

-- While Coach Garner was among the many hoping to lead Auburn next year, the Albany Herald's Scott Chancey has an incredibly informative interview with Hugh Nall, who has plenty to say about the ridiculous way the school handled the fallout from the Tuberville debacle.

-- Some interesting notes on the Garner situation over at Get the Picture.

-- Derek Dooley's name was added to the list of Auburn candidates as well.

-- It's funny how Georgia and Michigan State have had nearly exactly the same seasons, but one is celebrating its best season in years, and the other is looking for redemption.

-- Here's your last chance to enjoy the warm fuzzy feeling you get from a Chip Towers blog for a while. Enjoy your Festivus, Chip.

-- Georgia's men's tennis team won its second consecutive NCAA championship.

-- Georgia Sports Blog has some good info on Georgia's win over Virginia Tech.

-- And in non-sports topics of the day: THIS is great news, THIS is incredibly sad news from my former city of residence, and THIS is simply frightening.

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